Everyone Needs a Little Flower Therapy

c1c2We have all had those days where it didn’t go as planned, we feel discouraged, or maybe we are physically under the weather.

We also know others that have experienced the same thing.

That’s when it’s nice to take the time and treat others we care about and maybe even ourselves to a little flower therapy.

Scientific evidence has shown that flowers do improve one’s mental and even physical state, offering that kind of pick me up we all could use.c3

At Carithers Flowers, we are so happy that our flowers can have that kind of effect on others. It makes us feel as though we are really helping others.

To give you some ideas of the type of get well flowers, plants, and gifts we offer, we thought we would share a few prescriptions here with you:c4

  • Wishes and Blessings Bouquet is full of yellow and white flowers, including garden roses and hydrangea, in a European glass vase.
  • The Get Well Soon Bouquet comes with a “Get Well Soon” Mylar balloon. The flower arrangement consists of yellow lilies, roses, and alstromeria in a glass vase.c5
  • Thinking of You is a bouquet of daisies and lilies that also comes with a “Get Well Soon” Mylar balloon.

Along with flowers, we have some pretty great get well gifts that are still from Nature’s best selection:

  • The Living Plant Garden comes with a Mylar balloon and consists of many types of green and blooming plants.
  • The Pink Inspiration Dish Garden includes seasonal blooming plants, such as cylcomen, azalea, or kalanchoe. The garden also contains a peace lily and fittonia.c6
  • The Classic Fruit Basket has many seasonal fresh fruits that offer a wonderful taste not to mention some great health benefits.

You can order these gifts online, by phone, or in our Atlanta flower shop.

We deliver to businesses, homes, and even hospitals throughout Atlanta and across the country. Contact us today to help your loved ones get on the mend faster!

Friendship Week Offers Flowers, Plants, and Gifts

c1The third week of August is officially known as Friendship Week and is intended to recognize the important and value of creating and having friendships.

As an integral part of our emotional support system, friends are there to listen, make us laugh, and add to our quality of life.c2

In turn, we do the same for them.

It’s one of the most important relationships we can have in life and it was what teaches us about ourselves and others.c3

To help you celebrate Friendship Week and let those friends near and far know just how much you appreciate them, we have some great gifts that you can pick up in any of our Atlanta flower shops or send anywhere in the local area or around the country.

Check out these gift ideas for Friendship Week:c4

  • Ray of Sunshine is filled with yellow sunflowers and poms as well as purple button poms.
  • The Vibrant Summer Garden is a unique, garden style arrangement full of lilies, orchids, and roses.
  • Hydrangea & Orchids has full-bloom white hydrangea, yellow cymbidium orchids, and willow.
  • Artisan Orchids features white cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, and foliage in an eye-catching arrangement.
  • For All You has yellow roses and white spring daisies together in a green glass vase.c5
  • More than just flowers, we also have gift baskets, fresh fruit baskets, chocolates and other delights like the Thinking of You dozen brownies that comes wrapped up fresh in a classic gift box.c6
  • We also have balloon bouquets, stuffed animals, greeting cards and collectibles that are great ways to celebrate your friendships.
  • Our plant collection also includes green plants, indoor plants, and flowering plants.

Order today and we can do same day delivery as well as any scheduled deliveries you prefer!

It’s National Smile Week

c1The second week of every August has been designated as National Smile Week. It was designed around reminding us just how healthy smiling is and how it can not only make us feel better, but it can also aid others that are recipients of those big, beautiful smiles.

To make the most of this special week, you can do things with your kids like:

  • Make some happy face crafts together.
  • Have a smile contest.
  • Play some silly games together.c2
  • Go get those pearly whites cleaned at the dentist before the school year starts.

For your loved ones, you can make the most of National Smile Week in many ways:

  • Be sure to crack some jokes to not only make them crack a smile but also enjoy a good laugh.
  • Take the time to get together and do something fun. Quality time with loved ones always brings the smiles.
  • If you can’t see the ones you love during National Smile Week, be sure to send them something that is sure to make them smile.c3

Here are some bright and cheerful ways to celebrate National Smile Week with our help:

  • Epic Garden Joy offers up bright, colorful, and cheery garden favorites that include sunflowers, lilies, and roses in a chic glass vase.
  • Atlanta Sunflower Showcase is a modern and chic presentation of sunflowers that has been artfully designed with wax flower and field asters in a contemporary glass vase.
  • Island Adventure is a tropical display of birds of paradise, lush cymbidium orchids, and other fresh-cut tropical flowers.
  • White Roses & Orchids features white garden roses that are nestled amid exotic green cymbidium orchids.c4

Besides these and our other stunning flower arrangements, we also offer balloon bouquets, brownies, chocolates, gift baskets and greeting cards that also offer cheery ways to bring out those smiles. Don’t forget that you can also make your own custom flower arrangements as well for this special week.


Stop by any of our Atlanta flower shops or order online today!

Start the School Year Off Right with Flowers & Gifts for the Teacher

a1Each school year brings a new teacher for your kids so it’s the perfect time to start off on the right foot with the teacher by welcoming them with a special gift of flowers or gift basket.a2

While you may not yet know what your child’s teacher likes in terms of flowers or colors, you can go with a flower arrangement or gift item that is from our most popular selections like these:

  • Epic Garden Joy is a stunning garden-style flower arrangement of sunflowers, lilies, and roses in a glass vase. It’s like bringing the summer indoors where a teacher can smile every time they see it perched on the end of their desk.
  • The Fanciful Garden Cube may be compact but it is overflowing with color, including pink and fuchsia gerbera daisies and garden roses.
  • Pastel Palette offers a delicate and soft display of garden hydrangea and roses in a bubble bowl. It’s another stunning flower arrangement sure to please any teacher.c5
  • The Colorburst Bouquet has Asiatic lilies, tulips, garden roses and southern hydrangea in a glass vase.
  • The Wishes and Blessings Bouquet is another compact arrangement that is bursting with color, including yellow garden roses, along with sophisticated white florals in the form of hydrangea.c6
  • The Perfect Peace Dish Garden offers something decidedly different and long-lasting that your child’s teacher could enjoy for months to come. It has many seasonal plants direct from our greenhouse and offers an array of textures.
  • While we offer many types of gift baskets, including those with gourmet goodies and fruit, it’s hard to imagine there would be any teacher who wouldn’t love coffee. The Starbucks Sampler has its Breakfast Blend, House Blend, Caffe Verona or Sumatra and biscotti in a basket.

Even better is the fact that many of these choices are now on sale while supplies last.c7

You can swing by any of our Atlanta flower shops and pick them up or you can have them delivered to the local Atlanta area school for added convenience.

We can also put together a custom flower arrangement or you can shop our plants and other special gifts at any of our Atlanta flower shops.

Celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30th

c1Near or far, our lives are so much richer with good friends that make us laugh, that listen and comfort us in need, and just make things more fun than if we were on our own.c2

When we get stuck into our daily lives, we may forget to tell those special people just how much they mean to us.

However, on July 30th, it’s a great time to stop and let them know that their friendship means the world to us.c3

That’s because this day is International Friendship Day.

To help you out, we’ve put together a little gift guide of beautiful flower arrangements and gifts that can represent your friendship on this special day.

  • White Roses & Orchids is a small, yet sophisticated, flower arrangement of white garden roses and green cymbidium orchids.c4
  • The Countryside Garden Cube has sunflowers, gerbera daisies, garden roses and fragrant stock in a glass cube vase.
  • Fire and Ice is a dramatic flower arrangement of stargazer lilies, red roses, and fresh-cut hydrangea in a rectangular vase.
  • The color of friendship is yellow so why not give Grand Skyline Yellow Roses to send that special message? We include a vase that overflows with long-stem yellow roses and greenery accents.c5
  • For something truly unique, send the Puppy Dog Ivy Topiary Flowering Garden that has an ivy topiary in the shape of a dog along with a combination ofBottom of Form green and seasonal blooming plants.  Don’t forget that you can add on other gifts, such as chocolate truffles, Mylar special occasion balloons, Seda-France scented candles and hand-written greeting cards.c6
  • The Pink Azalea Topiary offers a stunning display in a decorator container. It can be transplanted into a garden to enjoy for years to come as a reminder of your friendship.c7
  • Send something yummy like a dozen “Thinking of You” Brownies that come wrapped in a box.
  • If you can’t be there to have coffee together, the next best thing is to send a Starbucks Sampler with the coffee brand’s Breakfast blend, a House Blend, Caffe Verona® or Sumatra and a sweet bite of biscotti.

While all of these options may not be available for international delivery, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences and provide something beautiful for your international friends through our network of florist partners.

Come on by any of our Atlanta flower shops and place your order for c8International Friendship Day.

Enjoy Our Farm-Fresh Flower Market, Farm-Direct Bouquets

C1We offer something truly unique for our customers in hand delivering bulk flowers to your door.

These farm-fresh flowers are an ideal way to add the beauty of flowers to your space while enjoying the best value with wholesale pricing.

Our flowers come from high-quality farms that share our philosophy for quality and that provide only the best flowers available.

C2It’s a great solution to offer weekly fresh beautiful flowers for different applications like:

  • Interior Design
  • Luxury Home Décor
  • Homes for Sale
  • Corporate Lobby and Public Spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Commercial Spaces

Flowers are a beautiful way to add color, depth, and texture to a room or space, providing a welcoming and warm atmosphere for visitors and often enhancing the existing décor and design.

We service many businesses throughout the Atlanta area that have enjoyed our weekly service for years, noting that it has added something special to their businesses.

Not only does it add to the look of their space, but they also believe that the hand delivery service we offer saves them time and encourages them to include flowers when they might not have otherwise done so.

Year-round and seasonal varieties of flowers are available. For example, we currently have the following choices:C4

  • Hydrangea
  • Sunflowers
  • Long-stem Roses
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Mokara Orchids
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Lisianthis
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Oriental Lilies
  • Calla Lilies
  • Phaleonopsis Orchids

You can tell us just how many bunches you need and specify the color while we do the rest for you.C3

Of course, you can also talk to us about special requests.

All it takes is an order by phone by calling 404-418-7443 or by visiting any of our Atlanta flower shops. Then, you can have bulk flower delivery in just two to three days direct from the flower farms that we partner with. Contact us now to learn more!

Celebrating Special Family Days in July

c1While every month has their special days dedicated to friends or different things to celebrate, July happens to be packed with special family days that include Cousin’s Day on July 24th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th.c2

Not sure what to get to remind those loved ones just how special they are to you? We have a wide range of gift ideas that offer the beauty of nature and fit within your budget.c3

To get you started thinking about what your family members might like, here are some beautiful flower arrangements and plants that illustrate just what is possible:

  • Epic Garden Joy offers an epic floral arrangement of sunflowers, lilies, and roses in a glass vase.c4
  • Garden Favorites Bouquet has stargazer lilies, gerbera daisies, purple stock and garden roses in a ginger glass vase.
  • Fanciful Garden Cube is a compact flower arrangement that is bursting with garden roses as well as pink and fuchsia gerbera daisies.
  • Elegant Nature’s Harmony is contained in a leaf-lined vase with white hydrangea, leucadendron, red hypericum, green roses, green carnations and hanging amaranthus that has been accented with bupleurum, sword fern, and eucalyptus.c5
  • Wishes and Blessings Bouquet has yellow and white flowers that include hydrangea and garden roses.c6
  • Flowering Hydrangea comes in pink or blue and offers a way to enjoy a long-lasting beautiful hydrangea plant.
  • The Atlanta Sunflower Showcase is a newer flower arrangement that has sunflowers combined with wax flower and field asters in a contemporary glass vase.

Even better than the freshness, variety, quality, and unique floral designs offered is the fact that we have put many of these customer favorites on sale.

That means even more value for you and provides a way to make sure your budget has room to give all these special family members some extra love on these special July days.c7

Of course, we also offer many gift baskets, balloon bouquets, and greeting cards in our Atlanta florist locations. You may also choose to work directly with our floral design team to create a customer flower arrangement for your loved ones.

Order online, call us, or come visit any of our Atlanta flower shops today to order for local or national delivery.


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