Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day and International Working Women’s Day with a Gift of Flowers or Gifts

c1There are two special days this week that deserve your attention. The first is Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 6th and International Working Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th.

c2You may wonder why these days are so important to stop and recognize, but it’s clear that all of us like to know that we are appreciated and valued for what we do plus these days are a great way to call attention to the positive change that is happening all around the world.

To help you celebrate these two special days, we’ve put together some flower arrangement ideas that show just how much you value your staff or that woman in your life who has a career in full-swing or even just getting started out in the workforce.

These floral ideas show a wide range of price options to suit every budget plus they showcase the extraordinary talent of our floral design teams at all of our Atlanta flower shop locations.

Better yet, many of these floral arrangements are currently on sale, so this is a great time to get even more value while sharing the beauty of fresh flowers with those talented people in your life.c3

Epic Garden Joy offers bright hues and a cheerful variety of sunflowers, roses, and lilies in a glass vase.

Garden Favorites Bouquet is a garden-style flower arrangement that features stargazer lilies, purple stock, garden roses and gerbera daisies in a ginger glass vase.c4

Hydrangea & Orchids is a gorgeous flower arrangement that showcases full-bloom white hydrangea, yellow cymbidium orchids, and willow and delivers elegance and sophistication.

Garden Veranda is an over-sized, southern-style flower bouquet filled with charm and southern flower varieties, such as hydrangea, stargazer lilies, skyline and coral roses, lisianthus and willow.

Classic Spring Garden Bouquet is a wonderful way to show your appreciation plus welcome the return of spring. The bubble bowl vase holds spring tulips, roses, and greenery.c5

Besides stunning flower arrangements and custom flower arrangements that you can design with our floral design team, we also have delicious gift baskets that you can send as well as brownies, greeting cards, and balloons all of which can show your appreciation.

We deliver throughout the Atlanta area, across the country, and even internationally. Order today for best selection and to get these gifts delivered on time for these special days!

Beat the Winter Blues with Fresh, Bright Holland Tulips

c7Let’s face it: this has been a particularly harsh winter for a large part of the country, including the Atlanta area. We’ve had enough cold weather and ice. Let’s see that sun!c1

One way that you can brighten your day or someone else’s is with fresh tulips from any one of our Atlanta flower shops. We’re excited that they are here and available in an array of colors.

To get you in the mood for these beautiful flowers, which are a great way to say, “I love you” or “Happy Birthday!” Of course, they also make good “just because” gifts or even sympathy flowers.

Here are some of our latest flower arrangements that feature this gorgeous flower.

Delightful Dream is a stunning spring flower arrangement with pink tulips, pink roses, and blush pink hydrangea in a clear cylinder glass vase that has been lined with tropical leaves.c2

Colorburst Bouquet is a great spring flower arrangement for any occasion that also works as a table centerpiece for a spring wedding or spring event like a baby shower. It features Asiatic lilies, tulips, garden roses, and southern hydrangea in a glass vase.c3

Springtime Bouquet offers a burst of color with a combination of spring tulips and full-bloom hydrangea in a vase.c4

Tulips & Hydrangea includes pink tulips set atop a cloud of full-bloom garden hydrangea arranged in a glass vase with wild willow.

Petals on Peachtree is an artistically arranged tulip bouquet that also includes full-bloom hydrangea, California gerbera daisies, stock and garden roses in a glass vase.

Two fun flower arrangements with tulips as the main attraction include balloons that send your message to a loved one.

The first features a Get Well Soon Mylar Balloon and comes with Dutch garden tulips and gerbera daisies in a glass vase. This is a great choice for a home or hospital delivery.c5

The second tulip arrangement with a balloon sends happy birthday sentiments along with a large mixture of tulips in an array of bright and beautiful colors that is sure to make that birthday guy or gal smile.c6

Of course, you can also create a custom tulip arrangement that can include any flower and colors as well as a custom container to suit your taste and budget.

Order now! Many of our spring flower arrangements, including tulips, are on sale!


February Birthdays Call for a Special Delivery of Luxury Flowers & Unique Gifts

c1Many of us have lots of friends and family members with birthdays during the month of February, which means sending out a lot of gifts.

Our Atlanta flower shop locations and online flower shop make it easy for you to deliver locally or nationally, sharing some luxury flower arrangements or unique gifts like blooming plants or a gourmet gift basket.c2

Birthday Flower Arrangements

Here are just a few of our luxury flower arrangements that make great birthday presents for loved ones and those VIPs in your life:

  • Winter Celebration is a gorgeous flower arrangement of white flowers, including roses, hydrangea, lisianthis, and textured winter greenery in a glass vase.
  • Majestic is a breathtaking flower arrangement that contains purple hydrangea, lavender roses, cymbidium orchids and lisianthus in a contemporary glass vase.c3
  • Bring the island to your loved one with Island Escape, which features calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, garden roses, and hydrangea.
  • Inspiration is sure to do just that with a combination of purple hydrangea, delphinium, and garden roses arranged in a glass vase.

Unique Birthday Gifts

In addition to the artistry and natural beauty of flowers as a birthday gift, we also have other unique items, including blooming plants and these items listed below that may suit the birthday girl or birthday guy in your life:c4

  • The Tower of Sweet Birthday Treats is chocked full of sweets, such as Hot Tamales, Junior Mints, Dots, Tootsie Pops, Gummy Bears, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Sweet Tarts, Sugar Babies, Mike and Ike’s and more!
  • The Happy Birthday Brownies are a decadent delight, containing a dozen brownies in various flavors that have been wrapped in a box and tied with a Birthday gift band.

Year-Round Birthday Ideasc5

Of course, these birthday ideas also work for all the other months of the year, so if you are already planning for March birthdays and beyond, keep these gift ideas in mind.c6

There is also our monthly flower program so you can keep on celebrating their birthday all year long.

Our monthly flower program provides you with the option of three months, six months, or 12 months of flowers that are delivered to your birthday love on your preferred delivery date.

Each month, they will get a stunning and fresh seasonal flower arrangement that continually reminds them to keep celebrating and shows how much you love them.

Our Delivery Schedule for Birthday Flowers and Giftsc7

Remember that we offer same-day delivery throughout Atlanta as well as on a national basis thanks to our great network of florist partners who share our commitment to quality, value, and personal service.

Don’t Give Your Loved One Boxed Flowers on Valentine’s Day!

c1There are many reasons why it does not make sense to opt for those flower shops or online florists that deliver their bouquets and flower arrangements in boxes:

  • The jaw-dropping presentation is lost when flowers are wrapped in a box and often damage the flowers.c2
  • Boxed flowers are never as fresh because they are not placed in an environment that is conducive for keeping them look their best for as long as possible.
  • You don’t really want your loved one arranging their own gift of flowers. They are not designers and probably don’t want to be either.

Instead, you want your loved one to open their door or step out of their cubicle and see theme speechless at the extraordinary look of hand-arranged, hand delivered flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. The flowers look amazing and have been cut and arranged in a way that illustrates how artistic flower arrangements can be plus they are fresh and undamaged. That means they are sure to last as long as possible.c3

Here are just a few of our Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that look just like the picture when they arrive at your loved one’s door. Orders are still being taken for this Saturday’s Valentine’s Day holiday. Be sure to place your order in our Atlanta flower shops, by phone, or online today! c4

  • Red Hot is a European style floral design with red flowers like hydrangea, roses, spray roses, gerbera, hypericum and more.
  • Lavender & Lilac features a range of purple flowers, including roses, lisianthis, hydrangea, orchids, tulips and more in a glass cube.
  • Blooms of Buckhead is a unique flower arrangement with hydrangea, garden roses, and orchids that has been accented by southern ivy and river stones.
  • Petals on Peachtree is also a creative flower arrangement that includes garden floral varieties like gerbera daisies, fragrant stock, garden roses, and hydrangea in a glass vase.
  • Sizzle is a standout with a range of fiery red hued flowers within a cube vase.c5

In addition to these flower arrangements and our incredible and exclusive Grand Reserve Roses, our Atlanta flower shops offer a unique custom flower arrangement service.

You tell us what style of floral art you would like for your loved one, including choices like romance, luxury, adventure, nature, southern, Tuscan, and celebration. Stop into any of our Atlanta flower designer showrooms now to create a special arrangement for your loved one! You’ll never find this service with a company that offers boxed flowers!

Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers & Gifts Early to Surprise Your Loved One

c5c5With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, there will be a mad dash to get on the delivery schedule not to mention to get a reservation for dinner.

To ensure everything is perfect for that special someone, who says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? You could essentially make the entire week a celebration of love and start celebrating early.

By delivering your Valentine’s Day flowers early in the week, not only will you surprise that loved one, but the rest of the office or neighborhood will be in awe – and maybe slightly jealous – of the early arrivals.

This may, in fact, be a great idea to spread out a special gift – big or small – each day of the week, leading up to Valentine’s Day. Ideas for a week of love could include:

  • A stunning Valentine’s Day bouquet or Valentine’s Day flower arrangement;
  • A delicious gift basket of gourmet food to share on a picnic;
  • A love note, stating what it is that you love about your special someone;
  • A delicious homemade dinner or, if you are not a chef, some great takeout for a romantic dinner at home; and
  • A day for just the two of you, free of smartphones and other distractions, to focus on each other.c3

To help you with early delivery of your Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts, we offer same-day hand delivery of our hand-arranged, artistically designed flower arrangements throughout the Atlanta area as well as across the country. We have a whole range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas including:

  • Our Grand Reserve Roses in red or many other colors, which are 30 percent larger than any other rose variety and sold exclusively by our Atlanta flower shops;
  • A luxury flower arrangement, including anything from 100 roses to a combination of elegant flowers like orchids, roses, hydrangea and lilies;
  • Flowering plants and green plants for those that may not like flowers or are allergic to them;
  • Balloon bouquets full of love-themed Mylar balloons and regular balloons;c3
  • Adorable stuffed animals themed for Valentine’s Day;
  • Delicious chocolates and gourmet food baskets;c2
  • Fresh, seasonal fruit baskets; and
  • Greeting cards that profess your love.

Don’t forget that we also offer custom Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. That means you can come into any of our Atlanta flower shop locations and work directly with our floral design teams there to design something personal and special for your loved one.

Make it a Grand Valentine’s Day with Grand Reserve Roses

c2All roses are beautiful but some rose varieties take their beauty to the next level with their size and number of petals, giving them an air of grandness that other roses just cannot touch.c4

Take our Grand Reserve Roses, for example, which are 30 percent larger than other roses and help you supersize that message of love and romance this Valentine’s Day. These roses were also voted number one in the Atlanta area the past few years.

And, you just can’t find these roses anywhere as they are sold exclusively by us at our Atlanta flower shops. That exclusivity also sends a special message to your loved one that you cared so much as to get them something so exclusive that it can only be found in one place!

To illustrate their beauty and the ways in which our floral design team can hand arrange them for you, here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day grand reserve rose arrangements:c5

  • Opt for traditional red roses in quantities of a dozen, two, dozen, or even more. It’s up to you!
  • We do offer other rose colors as well if you would like to send a message of friendship with yellow roses or a message of appreciation with pink roses.
  • We also have some unique presentations for these grand reserve roses, including the English Hedge style flower arrangement, which is unique and stands out from the traditional loose display with baby’s breath and greenery.
  • We have a number of rose arrangements that have been combined with other stunning floral varieties, including lilies and hydrangea.c1
  • Other special rose arrangements have bunches of roses that have been grouped together in unique ways to create a special look that shows off the shear beauty of roses.
  • Don’t forget that we can also do custom rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day, including using a personal vase or container to further personalize this special type of rose arrangement.c3

When ordering your Grand Reserve roses for Valentine’s Day, make us your one-stop shop by picking up balloons, a cuddly stuffed animal, and a greeting card that all express your love.

While we always order these special roses in very large quantities for special holidays like Valentine’s Day, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible. These special roses go quick every year, and we always sell out fast!

A Wide Array of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

c1From luxury flowers and exotic flowers to sweet bouquets and Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, this year’s Valentine’s Day collection has something for everyone in your life that you want to share your love with on this special day of the year.

To help you get started on your Valentine’s Day shopping, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that super someone to fit every price range and style. There is an array of beautiful flower arrangements that are also already on sale!

Luxury Valentine’s Dayc2

Let’s start with the over-the-top Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that are sure to delight and inspire more love from your loved one:


Your show of love will overflow with this extraordinary Valentine’s Day flower arrangement that features 48 stems of our finest 24-inch premium long-stemmed roses in various shades of pink and red along with soft pink hydrangea.


Extraordinary is the only way to describe that indulgent flower arrangement that features an English Rose Hedge Floral Design that includes our award-winning ‘Grand Reserve’ Red Roses. These roses have been paired with exotic cymbidium orchids to create a breathtaking effect.


This dazzling Valentine’s Day flower arrangement includes cymbidium orchids, pink roses, full-bloom hydrangea and exotic leaves. It is only available for local delivery in the Atlanta area.c3

Traditional Valentine’s Dayc4

Then there are the traditional favorites – roses. However, we take roses to new heights with our premium, 30% larger Grand Reserve roses. These spectacular beauties outshine all other roses in their grandeur.

Voted the best in Atlanta, our luxury red roses are guaranteed to be bigger and last longer. These special roses have been featured in Floral Trends National Magazine and on WSB Radio.

Of course, our roses come in more colors than red, the color of romance. We have various hues of pink, yellow, lavender and more.c5

Value-Added Valentine’s Day

A price tag for how much you love someone doesn’t have to define Valentine’s Day. It’s something from the heart that matters while keeping your finances in check. Here are some gorgeous value-added Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that show extraordinary amounts of love at a great price with numerous choices on sale now:


Let her know she is your princess and maybe even your queen. This stunning Valentine’s Day floral arrangement includes pink hydrangea, hot pink roses, and gerbera daisies nestled in a beautiful glass vase.c6


Farm-fresh Holland pink tulips are placed amid a cloud of full-bloom garden hydrangea and then presented in a glass vase that has been accented with wild willow. This is a truly unique floral arrangement for your sweetheart.

Ordering and Delivery for Valentine’s Day

Remember that we also have plants, blooming plants, greeting cards, balloons, cuddly stuffed animals, chocolates, gift baskets and more. You can order in any of our Atlanta flower shops, call us, or order online.

Place your order now to take advantage of our sale prices and to ensure your delivery time this Valentine’s Day!


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