International Day of Friendship

c1The United National General Assembly created the International Day of Friendship in 2011 as a means of developing friendship between people, countries, and cultures to promote peace and understanding. Each year, this day is celebrated on July 30th alongside Friendship Day.c2

Besides diversity and understanding, it is a day to show appreciation for the friendships you have no matter where they may be in the world. Here in the United States, it means celebrating our friends nearby as well as those that we may only get to talk to online or by phone.

Here are some great ideas for gifts for the International Day of Friendship to show your love:

  • Epic Garden Joy is a unique floral arrangement that contains sunflowers, roses, and lilies in a sophisticated vase.
  • Happy Day is full of brightly hued lilies, daisies, asters and roses.
  • The Garden Favorites Bouquet has stargazer lilies, gerbera daisies, purple stock and garden roses hand arranged in a ginger glass vase.
  • White Roses & Orchids has elegant white garden roses sitting within green cymbidium orchids for a stunning look.
  • Nature’s Garden Basket has azalea flowers along with palms and ferns all within a woven handled basket.
  • The Thank You Gift Basket is overflowing with goodies like Cashew Roca, chocolate raspberry truffles, chocolate truffle cookies, cheese straws, chocolate wafer cookie, water crackers, mustard, butter toffee pretzels and more along with a cheese knife.
  • The Deluxe Orchard Fruit Basket is full of fresh fruit like applies, oranges, kiwi, grapes, pears and more based on the season.
  • Thanks a Million is stuffed full of cookies, chocolates, and gourmet cheese.c3

These are just a few of the examples of the kinds of gifts we have available that would be perfect for the International Day of Friendship. Whether you shop in our Atlanta flower shop or use our online floral and gift store, you’ll find something for every taste and budget. We can ship locally, nationally, and internationally.c4

So, with July 30th just a few days away, it’s time to order for all those special friends in your life so you let them know just how much they mean to you!

Brighten Your Personal Space with Fresh-Cut Flowers

feb25c3Your home is a place to relax so you tend to decorate it in a way that helps you relax but that also defines you as a person. You surround yourself with things you like in the colors you like. This makes it feel more like home. While there are many ways to do this, including adding personal photos, art, curios and items from your travels, flowers also are quick, easy, and affordable way to brighten your personal space.

You are bringing part of nature indoors with you, and there is nothing more beautiful than what nature offers in terms of flowers, the variety, and the color palette. We’ve rounded up some great ways to add flowers to your personal space.Luxurious Flower Arrangements

Know Your Flowers

Before decorating with flowers, take some time to get to know what flowers are available, when they are in season, and how to take care of them. Whether you consult our flower dictionary or get a good flower encyclopedia from the library, this will help you get to know flowers and greenery so you can better decide how to incorporate them in your home.

Match Your Style

Your home definitely has its own style. Is it traditional? Contemporary? Country or shabby chic? Defining that style will definitely help you decide what flowers and in what arrangement or container to choose to brighten your home.

For example, traditional styles most often use a glass vase while country décor would be best served by a watering can or bucket. bridalc6

Of course, the color of flowers you choose should also complement your décor’s color scheme.

Change with the Seasons

The good thing about flowers is that you can change your décor each season because the flowers in bloom also change. For example, tulips will be available in spring while sunflowers can be used from summer into fall, and winter can focus on holiday flowers, including holly, pine stems, or amaryllis.

Recycle and Reuse

Decorating your home with fresh cut flowers doesn’t have to be expensive either because you can use existing containers around the house or other items found at yard sales or thrift stores. Here are some ideas:

  • Used cans that once contained coffee, soup, or pasta sauce are great filled with flowers and are a perfect fit for a kitchen or dining area. Leave the label on for more color and interest.
  • An old bird cage or apothecary jars make for interesting containers to be filled with fresh cut flowers for a foyer, living room, or family room.
  • Reclaimed furniture can also be turned into a decorating item and container for fresh cut flowers, including old drawers.dadc3
  • Other recycled items that make for interesting décor include old paint cans, teacups, picnic baskets, luggage and pitchers all of which could be used in a guest room, living room, or dining room just to name a few unique places for special flower décor.

Be sure to visit our Atlanta flower shops for more decorating ideas for fresh cut flowers as well as to pick up bunches of beautiful and fresh flowers!

Celebrating the Family During July with Special Days

c1Our closest family members are often the ones we think of the most but there may be those that we don’t see as often that are also special and add to our lives.

Often, these other family members are farther away, so special days have been created as a way to let them know you are thinking of them. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to give them that extra gift throughout the year on top of their birthday so they know just how much you love them.c2

Here are some special family days in July:

  • Cousin’s Day is July 24th
  • Aunt and Uncle Day is July 26th
  • Father-in-Law Day is July 31st

These special family members are often mentors and people you enjoy spending time with because they are family but don’t often the same relationship as your immediate family members. Sometimes, cousins feel like siblings or friends while an aunt or uncle is fun, helpful, or just supportive when you need it the most.

Gifting Family Members on Special Days

We have an extensive selection of gift ideas for these special days that fit all tastes and budgets. Here are some of our customer favorites:c4

  • Bliss is a garden bouquet of hydrangea, stargazer lilies, gerbera daisies and luxury roses.
  • Princess is a stunning flower arrangements full of pink and more pink, including pink hydrangea, hot pink roses and pink gerbera daisies.
  • Skies Over Tuscany is an elegant flower arrangement with garden roses, delphinium and sunflowers, creating a stunning and bold statement.
  • Inspiration is a truly unique flower arrangement with shades of purple and blue, including delphinium, garden lavender roses, and purple hydrangea.c5
  • The Blooming Peace Lily Plant is a beautiful green plant with white blooms, which is easy to maintain and enjoy.
  • The Godiva Executive Basket is full of delicious chocolates, including biscuits, almonds, hot chocolate mix, Godiva roast coffee and more, which makes a perfect gift for your father-in-law or aunt and uncle.

Of course, we have many more ideas in our Atlanta flower shops as well as online through our website, including blooming plants, gifts, gift baskets, and flowers galore. Come check them out!c6

Plus we ship anywhere in the United States so even if they are not in the Atlanta area, you can still work with us to send your love on these family celebratory days.


Summertime is in Full Bloom

feb25c4Now that July 4th is been and gone, it seems as though as summer is in full bloom with the temperatures heating up and brilliant sunshine every day. It’s time to plan road trips and summer celebrations. Whether you have a birthday or anniversary coming up or you are hosting a summer event or even getting married, look to Carithers Flowers for the freshest flowers possible.

With our flowers and these tips, you can enjoy flowers in many ways throughout the summer season. Here’s how.march17c4

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers work as decorations nearly everywhere:

  • Add to an entry hall or foyer to greet guests.
  • Include centerpieces on tables throughout the house to add to the home décor.
  • Brighten a bathroom or kitchen with smaller summer flower arrangements.
  • Float the flowers in bowls as nice arrangements for a summer party or event.
  • Use water picks, which slip onto the stem of the flower and place them around a house for a little color.
  • Combine these flowers with other seasonal fruit to create an eye-catching centerpiece for a table or celebration.

Dried Flowers

While fresh flowers provide a wonderful fragrance, using dried flowers also adds a nice touch during the summer. Saves you from remembering to water as well so they can be left while you are away on a summer vacation. Here are some ideas:uniquec3

  • Bundle different summer flowers together and hang them upside down to dry. These flowers could include carnations, hydrangea, and roses, which dry nicely and retain their color.
  • Add in summer herbs for fragrance, texture, and interest, including thyme, parsley, rosemary and cilantro.
  • Once put together, you can put these in vases, teapots, and other containers as well as hang them from a curtain rod. They can also be put together like fresh flower arrangements.

Our Summer Flower Collection

Our summer flowers are here in all of our Atlanta locations, including favorites like sunflowers. The floral design teams at each flower shop have put together some bright and cheerful summer flower arrangements that are sure to put a smile on the face of your recipient or that add joy to your own home or office.uniquec4

Come in and tell us how your summer is going while you shop for an upcoming celebration, gift giving occasion, or as a just because for yourself!

How to Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

may12c1Getting fresh cut flowers as a bouquet or flower arrangement is a wonderful gift whether it comes from a loved one or you just treat yourself. It’s something you want to last as long as possible.

While we use only the freshest flowers at Carithers, there are still steps that you can take to make those flowers last as long as possible. Here are our tips for enjoying them for many days to come.march17c1

Water First

If they have not arrived in water through our hand delivery service or you bought loose flowers from us, the first thing you should is get the flowers in water. The stems are their life support system, so as soon as you can get water flowing through them, the better.

Check Water Temperature

Don’t put the fresh cut flowers in cold water. Preferably, it should be room temperature or warm. The container where the flowers will be arranged should be a third to a half full. If the water is higher and comes into contact with the foliage, this foliage will rot after constant contact with the water so the water line should be below that.

Give the Flowers a Little Space

feb25c3Don’t crowd the flowers together in the container. They need room to breathe by allowing air to circulate in between them. Also, this will save the flowers from getting bruised or crushed. Short-stemmed flowers should go in a shorter container while you can use a taller one for any long-stemmed varieties.

Condition the Flowers

For fresh-cut loose flowers that you have bought, once you put them in water, lave them for five hours or more in the water before arranging them. This process is called conditioning and it allows the stems to fill up with water so they look crisp and fresh. When you do this before arranging them, the flowers are known to last twice as long as those that have not been conditioned.passoverc2

Feed the Flowers

Add flower food to the water. This preservative and source of nourishment can be bought at a supermarket or garden center. This helps extend the life of the flowers while also reducing the chances for bacteria to grow.

Change Water Frequently and Re-Cut Stems

Regularly change the water and trim the stems to ensure the flowers have the freshest environment, and you will be sure to enjoy them for a longer time.

June is National Rose Month

LongStemRosesThere is still time to enjoy National Rose Month with a few days left in the month of June.  This is a beautiful celebration as it features one of everyone’s favorite flowers, which grows during this month and throughout the summer season.

Carithers 2Whether you give roses as a gift, purchase some to brighten your home, or use them for an upcoming event or wedding, consider Carithers Flowers your rose headquarters.

Colors of Roses

This is a good time to review what some of the rose colors represent so you can keep this in mind when you give them to others.

  • Red: Romantic love
  • Yellow: Friendship
  • Red & White: Unity
  • Pink: Thankfulness
  • Orange: Fascination
  • Pale Pink: Modesty
  • Lavender: Enchantment
  • White: Purity/Innocence

Our Rose Collection

Our luxury roses are 30% larger than any other rose variety, offering you the biggest and highest quality roses for your gift or celebration. Many of our roses, rose bouquets, rose arrangements and rose centerpieces are now on sale to help you celebrate National Rose Month.rosec2

You can buy anything from a single rose to multiple dozens of roses. You can also design your own custom rose arrangement with the help of our talented floral design team.

In our flower shops here in Atlanta, we have our own favorite rose arrangements. These include:

  • English hedge red roses or pink roses
  • Hot Pink Fireworks with hot pink roses and tropical foliage
  • Starry Eyed Roses and Lilies
  • Grand Carnival of Roses, which features roses in multiple colors
  • Lux Rose Garden
  • Crazy about You is floral art at its best and offers a luxury arrangement

Who says you just have to celebrate roses in June when you can order our Roses for a Year and enjoy their beauty each and every month for the next 12 months.rose3

Ways to Celebrate National Rose Month

There are many ways to celebrate national rose month. Consider these ideas:

  • Plant a rose bush in your yard or add one to a community garden.
  • Send someone roses for a special occasion or as a just because.
  • Purchase roses to display in your home or office.
  • Visit a rose display at a local garden center, arboretum, or park.

It’s Dad’s Special Day!

march26c2While we personally think dads out there should get more than one day of celebration a year, we realize that’s what we have got to work with so let’s make it something special for all the fathers out there who take their role so seriously.

This is a special day where honor those dads, stepdads, and father-in-laws that help, guide, mentor, and protect us. However we plan to spend it with him, let’s show him as much love as possible.march26c4

In and around Atlanta, there are plenty of ways and places to make a special day for Dad to enjoy. Of course, with those events, gifts are another great gesture to show dad love and appreciation.

Gift Ideas for Dads Everywhere

This year, our Father’s Day gift ideas include a wide range of gift baskets, gifts, plants and blooming plants and flower arrangements, for the upcoming celebration on Sunday, June 15th.

To provide for more individual tastes and accommodate all budgets, we have expanded our unique gifts for men. Now, there is a wider range of all categories to make shopping easier. You can shop online or through your smartphone.

This means adding such items as gourmet food baskets, Godiva chocolates, delectable brownies, balloons, greeting cards and more. Come in and see what we have available to delight dad.

Then, we can also make custom Father’s Day arrangements available that incorporates a personal item or favorite flower variety. If dad doesn’t like flowers or is allergic to them, consider something from our plant collection, including blooming plants and indoor green plants.julygiftsc3

Father’s Day Deliveries

Although we are not open on Sunday, we will be doing deliveries for Father’s Day. Order now online, in-store, or by phone to take advantage of the special pricing in our Father’s Day collection as well as to ensure availability and delivery time for your dad.schoolteacher2

Thanks, Dads!

On behalf of our family at Carithers Flowers, we want to say thank you to all the dads out there that work hard and take the time to care for their children. We wish all of you the best Father’s Day! Enjoy this special time with family.


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