Grand Reserve Roses Offer Luxury on a Budget

If you tuned into Episode 4 of NBC’s newest game show “It’s Worth What?” hosted by Cedric the Entertainer last week, no doubt you were in awe of the “Ulitmate Roses” featured on the show. With a three-month maturity rate and heights reaching up to six feet tall, these luxurious roses are worth a whopping $350 per dozen.

Carithers Flowers offers similarly impressive bouquets or roses at a fraction of the price! Carithers’ famous “Grand Reserve” Luxury Roses are grown exclusively for the award-winning flower company at high elevations in the Equadorian mountains. These long-stemmed beauties are sure to impress (and don’t require a vase the size of Michael Jordan)! Each rose is guaranteed to be 30% larger and deliver a dramatic show with the longest vase life in the industry.

Carithers Flowers is currently offering a summer special on their Grand Reserve Luxury Roses – you can purchase a dozen of these beauties for less than $100.

Order your Grand Reserve Luxury Roses from Carithers Flowers today by calling (404) 418-7443. Follow Carithers Flowers on Twitter and receive 10% off your order using the special Twitter promo code.

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