Easter Holiday is Here! Time to Spring into Your Love of Flowers!

In spring, everyone’s fancy turns to love and to flowers. Tender green shoots are rising up through the chilled soil, and we all turn to the beauty and color of flowers to remind us that everything is new again. The winter cold is over and the world is once again warm and alive. Spring is definitely that transition season between winter and summer.

On April 8, people of the Christian faith gather to celebrate Easter. At Easter, we remember the joy of discovering our spiritual side. Our hearts are uplifted, and we naturally want to share these wonderful feelings. The Lily is the flower most associated with the passion of Christ, and the white Lily is especially appropriate to have in your home at this time of year.

Share the Joy

As a reminder of the season, here are some ideas from the expert design team at Carithers about what you can do to celebrate:

  • Send a blooming Easter Lilly or basket of colorful tulips to someone you love.
  • Put a beautiful mixed flower Easter centerpiece on your table when you celebrate Easter brunch or dinner.
  • Place some blooms among the colored eggs for a special look.
  • Choose one of the special Easter Baskets that feature chocolate eggs, candies, plush bunnies and other gifts for the kids or even the adults. You can even select a fresh fruit basket to make it a season of health!

The choice is yours! The warmth of this season of renewal brings out the best in all of us and sharing that joy is what the Easter season is all about. There are so many ways to celebrate the coming of spring whether it is a gift basket of delicious fresh fruit or a lovely arrangement in a delightful vase.

There are even available goodies like a dozen Easter brownies to gift to a special friend or the Easter “Bunny Love Brownies” that include a sweet stuffed animal. Hurry though as quantities are limited and Easter is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

Tulip Time!

Although the Lily is the flower that reminds us most of Easter, it is Tulip time in Amsterdam. Visitors to the famous Keukehof Gardens get a real treat. The gardens are filled with spectacular tulips and other varieties of flowers.

Although tulips are the special flowers associated with the Netherlands and Amsterdam, you don’t have to go all the way to Amsterdam to see beautiful tulips. At Carithers, we are celebrating tulip time with gorgeous mixed-color or deep purple tulips. And, we even have tulips with a special discount of 30% off!

In fact, with all the colorful choices in flowers and the special gift baskets it is fun just to look at all the new items. Making a choice is difficult, but ordering from Carithers is easy. Once you have found the special arrangement or gift basket you want, just click on the picture and continue to shop. 

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