It’s Spring and Love (and Marriage) is in the Air! Get Your Fabulous Wedding Bouquet at Carithers

Weddings don’t just happen when summer hits. Many couples in Atlanta and other areas within Georgia actually plan for spring weddings where they can enjoy beautiful weather and often more options for their wedding. While wedding plan may be well underway, one important aspect to start thinking about is the wedding bouquet as well as the flower décor for the wedding and reception.

That’s why it’s time to head over to Carithers and check out some wedding floral designs that will add that special magic to your special day!

Tips on Selecting Wedding Flowers

Before checking out Carithers’ selection of wedding flowers and wedding floral designs, here are some things to think about when selecting your flowers for the ceremony and reception:

  • Think about your wedding style. Go with elegant blooms like lilies and roses for that sophisticated wedding but opt for simple wildflowers and daisies for that down-home affair.
  • Use seasonal and local flowers as these are less expansive and will hold up to the weather conditions. You don’t want to go with exotic flowers that cannot withstand the humidity of an Atlanta wedding.
  • Blend wedding flower choices with your wedding day palate of colors. While it doesn’t have to perfectly match, it should tie into your color scheme so as to not stand out in the wrong way!
  • Keep to your budget. It’s so easy to get emotional and caught up in the moment. Keep a level head and go with the blooms and number of arrangements that fit your budget for bouquets, décor, and centerpieces.
  • Work with a florist and their design team as they know what works well for your part of the country as well as how to maximize your budget to get the best flower effect for your dollars.

What Carithers Has for Your Wedding Day

From bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres to centerpieces and floral focal arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception, Carithers has everything you need for your wedding day when it comes to flowers. We can even decorate your wedding cake with living flowers!

With all of these options being fully customizable and the flowers always being fresh, the choice really is clear. Be sure to check out our wedding gallery to see our beautifully prepared work or to see other happy couples and satisfied customers on their special day. Maybe you aren’t entirely sure what you want, but don’t worry.

Many of the pictures featured in the wedding gallery were designed by our customers who worked with our friendly and extremely talented design team to create something to create something different and for them on their day. Our design team will work with you down to the very last intimate detail, putting in their best effort to help make your day not only special but perfect.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, and even set up a meeting with our incredible design team or really get things rolling by setting up a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Feel free to visit Carithers Flowers today.

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