Celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 15, 2012

Summer is the season of ice cream, but you may not realize that it is actually the center of a special day in July and deserves to be celebrated with the works – and that includes a cherry on top!

National Ice Cream Day is officially on the third Sunday of July, which means that July 15th is the day earmarked this year for a scoop, a cone, or a whole sundae! There are so many flavors and ways to enjoy this creamy frozen treat that everyone is sure to enjoy taking part in this special day.

A History Lesson on a Summer Favorite

National Ice Cream Day was first declared National Ice Cream Month in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan who, like many others, clearly enjoyed his ice cream (next to his jelly beans, of course!).

He later stated that the ‘holiday’ would be celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of July and so National Ice Cream Day was born. Even today, people still thank Mr. Reagan for bestowing such an amazing holiday upon us all even if most of us actually celebrate many days out of the summer and even year

Ice Cream Goes with Brownies, Cookies, and More!

There are so many ways to enjoy ice cream, including adding  brownies, cookies, and cake to the ice cream mix not to mention other mix-ins or toppings, including hot fudge, caramel sauce, bananas and fruit, gummy worms and more. There are many ways you can enjoy the day. Here are some ideas:

  • Visit your local ice cream parlor or shop and enjoy a cone or indulgent sundae with your loved ones.
  • Create a sundae bar at home for dessert or for a get-together.
  • Bring your neighborhood together for an ice cream social.
  • Try your hand at making your own batch of homemade ice cream.

Carithers Flowers Offers Tempting Treats to Go with Ice Cream

Even  Carithers is ready to celebrate National Ice Cream Day by hooking you up with some tempting treats, including gift baskets of brownies, cookies, and candy. We even have some great coffee gift baskets to enjoy with the cold treat.

Besides helping your friends and even gifting yourself for this great holiday, you can also send these beautiful and tasty gift baskets for other occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, friendship, get well or just because. Check out our selection and enjoy this sweet day!

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