Easter Flowers, Centerpieces, and Baskets Available for Sunday, April 1st

Easter is just over a week away. There is still time to get some beautiful Easter flowers, Easter centerpieces, and Easter baskets from our Atlanta flower shop. Our Easter collection offers something for everyone and every type of Easter celebration and gift-giving occasion. Here are some of the highlights of the Easter flowers and gifts we have available to order through our Atlanta flower shop and through our website: EASTER LILY Enjoy this special symbol of Easter in your home or give it to someone special. This plant offers white blooms and is delivered in a basket with a holiday bow. EASTER BASKETS Let Carithers custom design an Easter Basket for your holiday guests. We have three sizes and styles to choose from that offer all types of Easter goodies, including chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, candies, plush bunnies, and other festive treats. EASTER EGG HUNT CENTERPIECE This spring centerpiece for Easter celebrations includes Asiatic lilies, daisies, asters, and plastic Easter Eggs. EASTER TABLE CENTERPIECE Our Easter Centerpiece offers numerous spring colors in bold and pastel colors and comes in various sizes to fit your Easter table. SPRING CENTERPIECE TRIO This unique floral centerpiece for Easter is great for long [...]

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Celebrating Easter in Atlanta

Easter arrives on Sunday, April 16th and is a special family time where many get together and celebrate with a visit to church, Easter egg hunt, and delicious meal. We enjoy this time of year because it also celebrates the spring season and offers a great way to incorporate many bright and beautiful flowers. Our Easter gift collection offers many nice décor items for your own Easter celebration or to give as gifts to loved ones, colleagues, and more. Here are some highlights that illustrate the wide selection we have on hand in our Atlanta flower shops and through our flower website: • The Happy Easter Tulip Bouquet offers 15, 25, or 35 tulips from Holland in bright colors along with a “Happy Easter” balloon. • Easter Lily represents Easter in a deeply religious way. This beautiful flower offers beautiful white blooms in single, double, or trip stocks. • Easter is all about the spring banquet table so dress up that lunch, brunch, or dinner with an Easter centerpiece. We have many to choose from, such as the Spring Easter Centerpiece with Candles that offers spring flowers and three taper candles. The Modern Deluxe Tulip Centerpiece comes with 40 Dutch [...]

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Getting Ready for New Growth This Easter

Easter is nearly here. This Sunday, March 27th, it’s time to celebrate a time of new growth in the natural world around us and even in our own personal development or faith. You may be gathering with friends or family or you may be looking to send someone special an Easter gift to remind them you are on their mind. At our Atlanta flower shop and through our online website, you can find a wide range of special Easter flowers, Easter centerpieces, Easter baskets and special Easter gifts. Here are some of the highlights from our Easter collection: The Easter Lily is a traditional Easter symbol that makes a great gift for an Easter brunch host or a loved one. Our Easter Lily comes in a basket with a special holiday bow. Spring Lilies are another symbol of Easter, and this one offers bright colors in a clear glass vase. Easter centerpieces are a great way to decorate the Easter buffet or dinner table. Our Spring Easter Centerpiece with Candles features spring flowers, plastic Easter eggs, and three taper candles. This particular Easter centerpiece fits table settings for six or more people. The Spring Centerpiece Trio offers three spring centerpieces [...]

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Easter Sunday is April 5th

Are you ready for Easter Sunday on April 5th? Carithers Flowers is your go-to Easter flower arrangement, Easter lily, and Easter gift basket partner for decorating your home, finding a gift to take to a party, or sending a gift to a loved one in Atlanta or anywhere in the country. Here are some ideas for gifts and decorating this Easter. Easter Decorations There are many ways to dress the Easter brunch table if you plan on having people over. Pick an Easter centerpiece that fits the size of your table as well as that reflects your style. Here are some ideas: The Spring Easter Centerpiece with candles is a larger flower arrangement that is idea for table seating of six or more. This one features an array of spring flowers plus three taper candles. The Easter Egg Hunt Centerpiece showcases Asiatic lilies, spring daisies, asters, and Easter eggs.  It is more compact, making it the perfect size to use as both a room accent or as a table centerpiece for a table setting of four. The Spring Centerpiece trio allows you to spread out the arrangement or use as a special arrangement for each table setting if you purchase [...]

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Getting Ready for New Growth on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is March 29th, and this is a special time to stop and reflect on the Easter holiday time and what it means for us. As a religious holiday that arrives exactly one week before Easter, it is a time for new growth and renewal that reflects the spring season. To prepare for this special time, flowers offer a reminder of this time of renewal and rebirth. They are a beautiful way to decorate your home as well as provide a wonderful gift for others. During this spring season and Palm Sunday, you can add special floral touches throughout your home as well as provide flowers for your local church to mark the occasion. Our Atlanta flower shops are brimming over with special spring flowers, including tulips, lilies, orchids and roses that make a wonderful way to celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter. Of course, there is also the lily plant, which is known as the Easter plant, offering the elegance and purity of white. Another way to celebrate this time of renewal is to share a special gift basket with loved ones that represents this renewal, such as a fresh fruit basket that reminds us to renew our minds [...]

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Carithers Flowers Offers Last Minute Easter Gifts and Easter Flowers to Fit Your Budget

Celebrate Easter Sunday with an Easter basket from Carithers Flowers. Each of Carithers Flowers’ Easter floral arrangements and Easter gift baskets can be custom designed by a talented team of professional floral designers who can create the perfect gift to fit your budget and your needs. From a spa gift basket “just for her” to traditional chocolate Easter eggs and gourmet chocolate bunnies and candies to a children’s themed basket filled with sweet treats, games, and plush bunnies, all you have to do is call Carithers Flowers at (404) 418-7443 to create your custom Easter basket and arrange for immediate delivery. The “pick a price” option on the Carithers Flowers website (www.carithers.com) also allows you to choose Easter baskets, plants, and flowers in a variety of styles from large to small, modest to grand, and to fit every budget. Carithers Flowers can also help you decorate your home for the Easter holiday. Add an extra touch to your Easter dinner table by filling a traditional wicker basket with mixed spring flowers to use as a centerpiece.  Place blooms among the eggs in your Easter basket or, for a charming effect, place smaller baskets and candles next to the flowers to [...]