Keep America Beautiful Month and International Plant Appreciation Day

April is about the environment and taking care of Nature. If we don't, it won't be there for future generations. Plus, it does so much for us in terms of our health and wellness. And, it's beauty is unmatched. That's why it's good to do your part, too, in protecting and caring for the environment. April has been designated as Keep America Beautiful Month. Plus, April 13th is International Plant Appreciation Day. Both provide opportunities to plant some more of Nature to grow and add to the beauty. There are also events throughout the Atlanta area designed around clean-up projects, community gardens, and energy consumption awareness. We offer a wide range of plants and blooming plants that are great for celebrating both of these environmental special occasions. Here are some gorgeous examples: First, we have a number of flowering plants that are great for your home or office. WHITE HYDRANGEA EUROPEAN GARDEN This European Garden offers a flowering white hydrangea along with other white accent blooming plants, green plants, and southern ivy. PERFECT PEACE DISH GARDEN Enjoy this garden that includes numerous seasonal plants from our greenhouse. NATURE'S SECRET GARDEN In this garden arrangement, you'll receive an azalea bush plus [...]

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