Exotic Orchid Plants

Orchids are considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and illustrate that a flower doesn’t have to be big to create a sublime, dramatic effect. This blog provides some background on exotic orchid plants as well as introduces you to our collection of exotic orchid plants. Types of Orchids The name for the family of orchids is Orchidaceae and its members include 30,000 different species and over 600 genera, which regularly increases as flower farmers cross breed various orchids to make even more stunning orchids. Orchids have served as a symbol for royalty and wealth because they were so rare and, as such, very expensive. Now, they are more accessible and have grown in popularity, becoming the second most popular flower after poinsettias. Orchids often cost less than other flower varieties and last much longer, making them an exceptional value. To provide a bit more background, there are different types of orchids that are most often available at flower shops: Monopodial: These orchids come from a single stem and grow upward. Examples are vandas. Sympodial: These orchids create new shoots and can be horizontal when new stems are added. Examples are cattleya or oncidium. Terrestrial: These orchids [...]

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