Send Special Thanks for All that Holiday Hospitality

The holidays are a magical time of giving and spending time with special people, and now that you have made it through the parties and gifts, you can reflect on those memorable moments where you might have received an unexpected gift or been invited to a great party. These people may not have been on your regular holiday gift list so now is the time to surprise them with a special thank you gift to show appreciation for the holiday hospitality they gave you. Our Thank You and Appreciation Collection brings together a wide array of flower arrangements and gifts that are sure to match your style and budget. Here are some highlights from this thank you flower arrangement collection: • Elegant Celebrations features white garden roses, full-bloom hydrangea, winter greenery and lisianthis hand-arranged in a glass vase. • Garden Veranda is a southern-style flower arrangement with numerous southern variety of flowers, including lisianthis, field fillers, willow accents, stargazer lilies, roses and fresh-cut hydrangea. • Inspiration is a stunning floral display with wildflowers in a range of hues like cream, lavender, purple and white all combined in a glass vase. These are just a few of the floral designs available [...]

It’s Time to Send a Special “Thanks”

After receiving some great gifts at the holidays or a special delivery from a client or a boss for a great year, it’s a good time to start the year off on the right foot by sending a special gift of thanks back to those who were so thoughtful. Or, if you did not get an opportunity to thank all the service people and others that helped you during the year, it’s the perfect time to say thank you for 2015 and looking forward to more in 2016. Thank You Gift Ideas To help you find the right way to say “thank you,” we’ve put together some special gift ideas of flowers and more that show your sentiment: Elegant Celebrations features white garden roses, full-bloom hydrangea, lisianthus and winter greenery in a glass vase. It’s a truly luxurious flower arrangement. The Luxurious Purple Phaleonopsis Orchid is a long-lasting way to send your thanks. It fits anywhere and requires minimal maintenance to stay beautiful. The Lavender and Lilac European Cube offers roses, orchids, tulips, hydrangea, stock, lisianthus and greenery in a glass cube. The Mystic Modern Cube Arrangement is packed with fresh flowers like lisianthus, stock, dahlias, roses and miniature callas [...]

Send that Special Thank You with Flowers

You may have been the recipient of gifts from loved ones, your boss, or clients over the holidays. As an unexpected gift, you may not have returned the favor over Christmas. Why not take the time now as the year starts to send a special thank you in the form of fresh flowers? Or, you might even want to send a beautiful gift basket. Here are some ideas to get you started on that way to sending a special thanks that fits your budget. A Very Floral Thank You Check out these gorgeous flower arrangements that say thank you in a very special way: A MIDTOWN GARDEN Luxurious garden florals are artistically designed in a European pave style and presented in a chic glass vase. This is a sophisticated way to send your thanks. BLOOMS OF BUCKHEAD ARRANGEMENT This luxury Atlanta favorite showcases full bloom hydrangea, garden roses, and exotic orchids within a chic glass vase that has been accented with southern ivy and smooth river stones. ORCHID BOTANICA This unique flower arrangement features exotic green cymbidium orchids, roses, and premium whites and creams that have been artfully arranged in a leaf-lined glass cube vase. WINTER CELEBRATIONS Celebrate just how [...]