Celebrate Spring Holidays with Tulips from Holland

With so many spring holidays in the month of March, it’s a great idea to decorate your home or even gift others with the beauty and color of tulips direct from our flower farm partners in Holland. This favorite spring flower works well with all the special days this month, including St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and International Day of Happiness. Of course, tulips also make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new additions and as a “just because.” Tulips are also a popular choice for spring weddings and events. Here are a few ways you can arrange tulips and add color and texture to your home, special event, or loved one’s life: Snow White Holland Tulips are bunched together with bright copper wiring and placed in a tall rectangular glass vase with a bed of black river rocks. Holland Tuscany Orange Tulips in Vase offers a fiery, warm display of bright orange in one bouquet. Dutch Farm Fresh Purple Tulips offers a deep purple color that is truly regal. Dutch Tulips and California Daisies offers spring tulips combined with pastel-hued gerbera daisies. Springtime Tulip Bouquet displays yellow tulips with full-bloom blue hydrangea. Sizzle is a hot [...]

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Decorate in Style with Holland Tulips

While tulips make great gifts for a special occasion, they are also a great flower to use to decorate any room in your home. Here are some ideas from the floral design team at Carithers Flowers: Lemons and Tulips for the Kitchen or Patio Use a wide-mouthed pitcher or ball jar for this tulip arrangement. Add sliced lemons and/or limes and water to container and then arrange yellow and white tulips inside. This is a great item to add to a kitchen table or counter as well as a patio table. Vintage Style Tulip Arrangement for the Living or Family Room Get a crate and old milk bottles. Place one or two tulips in your favorite colors to each bottle and add water. Tie the two tulips in each bottle together to help them stand up straight. Place on a side table or coffee table in a social space like the family or living room. Tulip Topiaries This unique design idea only requires a topiary ball from the craft shop, floral water picks, ribbon, and, of course, tulips. Place each tulip in a water pick and add around the topiary ball. This can be hung up on a porch or [...]

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Give the Gift of Tulips on Plant a Flower Day

While we love all special days of the year, our favorites are the ones that involve nature because we are in the business of flowers. At the core of what we do is a philosophy of giving back to nature what we take, which means operating a florist business that is focused on sustainable strategies to ensure that flowers and plants are here for future generations to enjoy. Sustaining Mother Nature To help that sustainable goal become a reality, we work with premier flower farmers who share our philosophy. They continually replenish nature by planting and utilizing green growing and harvesting practices to maintain a balanced ecosystem. One special day that arrives this week lets you do your part too in remembering to take care of Mother Nature. Thursday, March 12th is Plant a Flower Day. This is a great time to work in the garden and plant flowers or join in your neighborhood or city’s community garden. Send Tulips on Plant a Flower Day It’s also a great time to send flowers to someone else and remind them of just how special flowers are in providing beauty to our lives. Of course, here at Carithers Flowers we have all [...]

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Beat the Winter Blues with Fresh, Bright Holland Tulips

Let’s face it: this has been a particularly harsh winter for a large part of the country, including the Atlanta area. We’ve had enough cold weather and ice. Let’s see that sun! One way that you can brighten your day or someone else’s is with fresh tulips from any one of our Atlanta flower shops. We’re excited that they are here and available in an array of colors. To get you in the mood for these beautiful flowers, which are a great way to say, “I love you” or “Happy Birthday!” Of course, they also make good “just because” gifts or even sympathy flowers. Here are some of our latest flower arrangements that feature this gorgeous flower. Delightful Dream is a stunning spring flower arrangement with pink tulips, pink roses, and blush pink hydrangea in a clear cylinder glass vase that has been lined with tropical leaves. Colorburst Bouquet is a great spring flower arrangement for any occasion that also works as a table centerpiece for a spring wedding or spring event like a baby shower. It features Asiatic lilies, tulips, garden roses, and southern hydrangea in a glass vase. Springtime Bouquet offers a burst of color with a combination [...]

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