Commemorate Our Fallen with Flowers on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th. Throughout the upcoming weekend and on Memorial Day, there will be numerous public displays that illustrate just how much those here in Atlanta value those we have lost in all the wars, conflicts, and battles that were fought to maintain our freedoms and secure our country. Whether it is for a Memorial Day parade or other Atlanta-area event or it's for a private graveside service or family gathering, we can provide you with patriotic flowers that show your respect and reverence for the courageous soldiers we have lost. Here are some examples: AMERICAN PATRIOT SYMPATHY VASE This vase is filled with roses, delphinium, carnations, white lilies and asters, chrysanthemums, and floral greenery in red, white, and blue along with a patriotic bow. AMERICAN PATRIOT STANDING SPRAY The Sympathy Standing Spray includes roses, football mums, gladiolas, delphiniums, carnations and more as part of a patriotic design. AMERICAN PATRIOT SYMPATHY WREATH This wreath combines red roses, white mums, blue delphinium and more, creating a loving tribute. PATRIOTIC - RED WHITE & BLUE WREATH This wreath has red, white and blue flowers. It features a solid white wreath on an easel decorated with red carnations and blue [...]

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Celebrating Atlanta Grads, Parents, and Teachers with Flowers and Gifts

That time of year is already here where we celebrate Atlanta high school, college, and university graduates for their hard work and accomplishment. It's also the time to recognize and thank parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, and anyone else who helped students reach their academic goals. Here at our Atlanta flower shop and on our flower and gift website, there are numerous ways to show how proud and thankful you are for grads, parents, and teachers. Here are some examples of graduation flower and gift ideas that you can order in our Atlanta flower shop, by phone, or through our website: PASTEL WOODLANDS As part of our Woodlands Design Collection, this beautiful floral display offers southern hydrangea, pink roses, foliage and succulents in a cube vase. FLORAL EMBRACE This artistic garden-style floral design features sunflowers, fragrant stock, garden roses, and lilies presented in a glass vase. MODERN SPRING MIX This floral display offers a cluster design with orange roses, white Asiatic lilies, yellow gerbera daisies, and soft pink Peruvian lilies. SUNBURST BOUQUET This favorite Atlanta floral design includes sunflowers, green mini hydrangeas, orange Asiatic lilies, green hypericum and button poms, and bear grass. WOODLAND SPRING GARDEN Also from our Woodland Collection, [...]

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Still Time to Spoil Mom!

Mother's Day is only a week away, but that doesn't mean you are out of time when it comes to getting your mom everything she deserves. You can still spoil her thanks to our amazing collection of Mother's Day gifts, flowers, and more. Custom Mother's Day Flower Arrangements One idea is to treat your mom to an exclusive floral design that no other mother will have. That's possible when you make an appointment today and work with our floral design team. All you need to do is start with a custom theme. For example, there are custom themes like bright and cheery, lush pink, purple inspiration, citrus delight, pure elegance, and tropical adventure. Each custom theme features different sizes, colors, and styles that may be suited to your mom's personality. For the southern garden custom theme, there are two style options. The European 'Low & Lush' is a tight and compact floral style in a glass cube or cylinder. The emphasis is color, texture, and abundance. Or, you can go with the Classic 'Tall & Airy' that is spread over a larger area with accents of willow and floral greenery. It can be just over two feet tall. Other Mother's [...]

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Atlanta with Flowers and Gifts

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th which gives you less than two weeks to put together something spectacular for the woman who deserves so much for all the tireless work she does for the family. Now it's her turn, and we've put together a stunning selection of Mother's Day gift ideas that you can view and purchase within our Atlanta flower shop or through our online collection for Mother's Day: Let's start with roses, which are a Mother's Day favorite. "LOVE & KISSES" ECUADORIAN RED & PINK ROSES We use Ecuadorian mountain roses in red, pink, and fuchsia. These are some of the best roses in the world in terms of their size and longevity. In this flower arrangement, we combine them with greenery inside of a clear glass vase. ROSE CARNIVAL GORGEOUS ASSORTMENT Choose from 18, 24, or 36 premium luxury roses in our 'Rose Carnival' color assortment. Mom will love the color and beauty of this special Mother's Day rose bouquet. Now, let's look at some luxury Mother's Day flower arrangements. MIDTOWN GARDEN Luxurious garden florals are arranged in a European pave style within a glass vase.There are many varieties and colors as well as texture found in [...]

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Celebrating Atlanta Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers play such a critical role in the lives of our children. They provide them with knowledge, skills, and mentoring that is truly invaluable. While we appreciate them every day of the year for what they do for our kids, we can let them know specifically during Teacher Appreciation Week, which is May 7th through May 11th. There is also Teacher Appreciation Day, which is May 8th. Both of these teacher-focused events are a great time to have some beautiful flowers or gifts delivered to your child's school. Here in Atlanta, we deliver to all schools. Check out these teacher flower arrangements and gifts: PASTEL WOODLANDS As part of our Woodlands Design Collection, this flower arrangement contains southern hydrangea, wild pink roses, foliage, and succulents in our woodlands cube. LAVENDER & LILAC This European style flower arrangement includes fragrant stock, roses, lisianthus, hydrangea, orchids, and tulips in a glass cube. GARDEN FAVORITES Garden flowers make up this special flower arrangement of thanks. It features stargazer lilies, gerbera daisies, purple stock, and garden roses in a ginger glass vase. ENCHANTED GARDEN In this floral display, there are two colors of garden roses and southern hydrangea along with pink, lavender, and chartreuse [...]

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Celebrating Administrative Professionals Week in Atlanta

Administrative Professionals Day is April 25th while the rest of that week serves as a way to continue the celebration of those incredibly, hard-working individuals that organize your life, company, and offices. This is the time of year to ensure you formally thank them even if you let them know the rest of the year they are appreciated. If they work right next to you, consider taking them out to lunch as well as gifting them with something special. If they work in your office or they are a virtual administrative assistant, we have a thank you flower and gift collection that allows you to show your deepest thanks. Here are some ideas you can order from our Atlanta flower shop or through our easy-to-order website: ALL THAT JAZZ This gorgeous floral display features white Ecuadorian roses, full-bloom southern hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, Dutch tulips, and foliage in a glass vase. BIRCHWOOD BLUSH A natural birch cylinder container holds orchids, tangerine roses, sunset mini calla and floral foliage. FOR ALL YOU DO BOUQUET Send your amazing admins this bouquet that shows just how much you appreciate everything they do. It has yellow roses and white spring daisies in a spring green [...]

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Keep America Beautiful Month and International Plant Appreciation Day

April is about the environment and taking care of Nature. If we don't, it won't be there for future generations. Plus, it does so much for us in terms of our health and wellness. And, it's beauty is unmatched. That's why it's good to do your part, too, in protecting and caring for the environment. April has been designated as Keep America Beautiful Month. Plus, April 13th is International Plant Appreciation Day. Both provide opportunities to plant some more of Nature to grow and add to the beauty. There are also events throughout the Atlanta area designed around clean-up projects, community gardens, and energy consumption awareness. We offer a wide range of plants and blooming plants that are great for celebrating both of these environmental special occasions. Here are some gorgeous examples: First, we have a number of flowering plants that are great for your home or office. WHITE HYDRANGEA EUROPEAN GARDEN This European Garden offers a flowering white hydrangea along with other white accent blooming plants, green plants, and southern ivy. PERFECT PEACE DISH GARDEN Enjoy this garden that includes numerous seasonal plants from our greenhouse. NATURE'S SECRET GARDEN In this garden arrangement, you'll receive an azalea bush plus [...]

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It’s Prom Season in Atlanta!

As another school year starts to wind down here in Atlanta, many juniors and seniors in our Atlanta high schools begin to start planning for that special dance known as prom. To help your son or daughter get ready for this year's prom, we have put together a selection of beautiful prom corsages and boutonnieres. Our prom flower collection includes numerous types of flowers and styles to choose from as well as a price range to fit all budgets. PINK BLISS SWEETHEART ROSE WRIST CORSAGE This wrist corsage includes medium pink sweetheart roses, sheer ribbon, and deluxe floral greenery. PURPLE PHALEONOPSIS ORCHID CORSAGE This elegant wrist corsage features a purple phaleonopsis orchid, green hypericum berries, diamond studs, and sheer ribbon. SPRING YELLOW FLORAL CORSAGE - MIXED VARIETIES This stunning wrist corsage can also be a pinned corsage. It includes yellow sweetheart roses, alstroemeria lilies, and asters and floral foliages along with coordinating sheer ribbons. EXOTIC TROPICAL WRIST CORSAGE W/PURPLE PHALEONOPSIS ORCHID This is a standout corsage that showcases a purple phaleonopsis orchid, birds of paradise, and hypericum berries with sheer ribbons LAVENDER & PINK ENCHANTMENT CORSAGE This classic corsage has tea or spray roses in shades pink and lavender highlighted [...]

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Easter Flowers, Centerpieces, and Baskets Available for Sunday, April 1st

Easter is just over a week away. There is still time to get some beautiful Easter flowers, Easter centerpieces, and Easter baskets from our Atlanta flower shop. Our Easter collection offers something for everyone and every type of Easter celebration and gift-giving occasion. Here are some of the highlights of the Easter flowers and gifts we have available to order through our Atlanta flower shop and through our website: EASTER LILY Enjoy this special symbol of Easter in your home or give it to someone special. This plant offers white blooms and is delivered in a basket with a holiday bow. EASTER BASKETS Let Carithers custom design an Easter Basket for your holiday guests. We have three sizes and styles to choose from that offer all types of Easter goodies, including chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, candies, plush bunnies, and other festive treats. EASTER EGG HUNT CENTERPIECE This spring centerpiece for Easter celebrations includes Asiatic lilies, daisies, asters, and plastic Easter Eggs. EASTER TABLE CENTERPIECE Our Easter Centerpiece offers numerous spring colors in bold and pastel colors and comes in various sizes to fit your Easter table. SPRING CENTERPIECE TRIO This unique floral centerpiece for Easter is great for long [...]

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Spring is Here Along With Proposal Day and International Earth Day

Spring officially arrives on March 20th. And, with it, we are proud to say we have all types of spring flower favorites already available so you can start enjoying them now for various occasions and celebrations. Two other special events that occur on March 20th in addition to the start of Spring are Proposal Day and International Earth Day. Proposal Day recognizes the beauty and love that goes into the decision to commit to one person through marriage. It's a day to give flowers as part of the proposal. Plus, it's time to start thinking about those wedding plans and checking out our wedding flower services. International Earth Day is a special day where we recognize the value of our natural environment and the critical need to sustain it. Often, there are local Atlanta events on this day where you can get involved in cleaning up an area or working on a community garden. You can also enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants, helping to cultivate your own or enjoy what Nature has provided us. Here are some ideas from our spring flower collection that are great for these special days and any other occasions like March birthdays or [...]

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