International Day of Friendship is July 30th

One of the last special days in the month of July is the international day of friendship on July 30th. This is a day that celebrates the fact that you can have friends all over the globe that have enriched your life and added a positive dimension to it. We offer a way to send your thanks to all those special people on that day with a gift of flowers. Here are some beautiful ways to celebrate your friendship no matter where in the world they are: • Epic Garden Joy is full of bright colors and a variety of flowers like roses, sunflowers, and lilies delivered in a glass vase. • Blooms of Buckhead is a flower arrangement that offers a little bit of Atlanta in a vase with full-bloom hydrangea, orchids, and garden roses along with southern ivy and smooth river stones. • The Colorburst Bouquet has Asiatic lilies, roses, tulips and southern hydrangea arranged in a glass vase. • The Hydrangea and Orchids Modern Cube Arrangement features white hydrangea, yellow cymbidium orchids, and willow in a European design. • Elegant Celebrations is a unique floral arrangement filled with garden roses, full-bloom hydrangea, and lisianthis. • The Exotic [...]

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New Baby Flowers & Gifts in as Little as Four Hours

It’s always exciting to hear that there is a new baby that’s entered the world, especially if this little package has joined the family or a friend now has this joy. Sometimes, it’s unexpected when they do arrive, so you want to be sure you can get a special floral gift for the new parents even at the last minute. That’s why we offer a fast delivery service that is available within as little as four hours of ordering to local Atlanta area hospitals and residences. We have special gifts for that bouncing baby boy or baby girl to choose from. Here are some highlights from both new baby collections: The Baby Boy Blue Bouquet has blue delphinium, white daisies, and yellow carnations and button poms in a glass gathering vase. The Share the Moment Bouquet is an elegant floral display of yellow garden roses, full-bloom hydrangea, and white Oriental lilies in a glass vase. The Little Giraffe’s Receiving Blanket is a soft, plush baby blanked that every new parent will love to have for their baby. My Little Night Owl Five-Piece Baby Gift Set includes a large owl rattle, plush crinkle tree toy, canvas door hanger, and blanket with [...]

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Beat the Heat by Bringing Summer Plants and Flowers Into Your Home

Summer is making temperatures rise throughout the country, which means some of you may be staying indoors a bit more. You don’t have to miss the bright summer flowers or stunning greenery that summer offers because we give you many different options for enjoying those colors and textures indoors this season. Here are just a few of the beautiful summer flowers and plants that we have available in our Atlanta flower shop and online that you can take home and enjoy today or give to a loved one: Metropolitan Sunflowers Atlanta showcases one of the best summer flowers – the sunflower. It’s elegant in a tall vase that highlights these bold, beautiful blooms. The Floral Garden Cube is a European-style flower arrangement in a cube with bright, sunny flowers. You’re All That is a stunning floral display of hydrangea, gerbera, and princess roses in a glass vase. The Garden Favorites Bouquet features stargazer lilies, stock, garden roses and gerbera daisies in a ginger glass vase. Of course, we also have many summer green and indoor plants as well as blooming plants to choose from. You can also opt to have us create some custom summer flower arrangements, or you can [...]

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Celebrating Special Days in July with Summer Flowers

Beyond the 4th of July celebrations, this month is more than likely full of other occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. There are also special days that take place each July and offer a way to focus on positive things, celebrations, and the care and love you have for others. Not only does it make them feel good to know that you are celebrating them, but you also get joy out of giving something and showing your love for someone else. In July, there are many special occasion days to enjoy: July 24 is Cousin’s Day and Parents’ Day July 26 is Aunt and Uncle Day July 30 is Father-in-Law Day All of these special days are family-oriented and provide a way to focus on building these unique relationships that add to your life in the form of mentors and protectors. One way you can show your love and appreciation for these special people is with flower arrangements and bouquets. During July, summer flowers are at their peak and make a bright and bold way to make a statement. Here are some great examples of what we offer through our Atlanta flower shop and our online flower shop: Epic Garden Joy [...]

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Welcome Summer!

Summer is just around the corner with the Summer Solstice on Monday, June 20th, signaling its official arrival. For us, we are ready to enjoy all the summer blooms that are available and incorporate them in new flower arrangement designs as well as use them throughout summer wedding flower services and summer event flowers. Here are some of our favorite summer flowers and some examples of how you can enjoy them: Sunflowers Sunflowers are a great representation of the bright and bold summer season: Golden Sunflower Cube contains sunflowers, yellow garden roses, berries and foliage. The Perfect Sun Bouquet showcases sunflowers, white roses, and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass vase that has been wrapped with a yellow ribbon. The Endless Sunflowers Bouquet has a large quantity of sunflowers that have been accented with golden valley asters and raffia. Roses Don’t forget that June is National Rose Month and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy them: Sweet Medley of Roses offers Ecuadorian hot pink and red roses, English garden tea roses, and full-bloom hydrangea in a leaf-wrapped glass cylinder. The European Presentation of Alpine White Roses offers cream, ivory, and alpine white roses in a modern glass vase. English [...]

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Celebrating Special Days in June

June has many special occasions that are already most likely on your appointment calendar like Father’s Day. However, there are other special days in the month that you may not know about but would like to celebrate. National Gardening Exercise Day First, there is National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th. This day is dedicated to increasing awareness about the health benefits of gardening. It’s a perfect opportunity to see about getting involved in a local community garden in your area of Atlanta or starting your own. Even if you can’t get directly involved in some type of gardening activity, you can celebrate the special day with some summer flowers that have just arrived in our Atlanta flower shop. Here are some special garden delights for this special day: Extraordinary Red Rose Spectacular contains 48 Ecuadorian red roses along with cymbidium orchids arranged in a birch-lined cube. It stands over two feet tall! Elegant Nature’s Harmony Bouquet features a leaf-lined vase and dangling foliage that showcases white hydrangea, green roses and carnations, red hypericum, sword fern, eucalyptus, blupleurum and amaranthus. Garden Veranda features a Southern style garden floral design with fresh-cut hydrangea, skyline and coral roses, stargazer lilies, lisianthus, field [...]

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Indoor Flowering Plants and Container Gardens

Carithers Flowers Voted Best Florist In Atlanta We offer an easy way to bring the beauty of a garden indoors with flowering plants and container gardens available at our Atlanta flower shop and through our website. There are a number of benefits to these indoor gardens, including a wide range of colors and designs, long-lasting beauty, and easy maintenance. These indoor containers add warmth and comfort to every room in a house and offer a way to change up your décor. Here are just some of the beautiful options we have available that you can enjoy in your home or give as a special gift: The Blooming Hydrangea Garden contains seasonal flowering plants and ivy in a décor container. The European Garden has a combination of flowering seasonal plants and indoor green plants. Various baskets are available for this display. The Princess Pink Hydrangea Plant offers multiple blooms in a stunning pink color. The Sweet Bird Blooming Plant Garden is a very colorful display of flowering plants and green plants. The Premium Flowering Garden has greenhouse-grown blooming plants as well as green plants. It’s truly stunning! The Tabletop Plant Garden has numerous green plants along with a colorful blooming plant. [...]

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Say it with Flowers: Using Color to Express Your Sentiment

Flowers have long been a great way to express yourself when words fail you. These natural symbols have become synonymous with different occasions or ways we want to tell others about how we feel. With those flowers, the power of color within those flowers furthers those sentiments. Red Red has always been associated with romantic love, desire, and seduction. This is because it’s the closest way to symbolize the heart and a great way to show your love to a special someone. Red roses, tulips, and carnations are often used. Orange Orange is the color of joy and happiness with the sense of warmth shining through. These are great for birthdays, celebrations, get-well sentiments and just-because moments. Orange tulips are always a great choice. Pink Pink represents innocence and playfulness with some sense of love as well as femininity. These are great for new additions to the family, birthdays, anniversaries and love. Some favorite pink flowers include carnations, roses, and chrysanthemums. Yellow Synonymous with friendship, yellow flowers also symbolize compassion, trust, and respect. They are often used for workplace and friendship occasions. Some favorite yellow flowers include tulips, roses, daffodils, lilacs and chrysanthemums. Green Green represents nature and also good [...]

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It’s Time to Celebrate Office Admins and Virtual Admins

Each year, a special time is set aside to recognize those talented individuals that work tirelessly to handle many of the small details and tasks that actually play a large role in how organized and productive a company and its leadership can be. Those admins who work in the office or virtually are dedicated to making sure everything is handled at the operational level so their bosses can focus on those high-level decisions. This year, we celebrate Administrative Professionals Week from April 24th to April 29th as well as Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 27th. This is a good time to let your admins know just how much you value their hard work and dedication. We have a wide selection of beautiful ways to show your appreciation, including flower arrangements, bouquets, plants and blooming plants and gift baskets. Here are some examples to show you just what is available: Nature’s Delight offers jade cymbidium orchids and roses, dianthus trix, garden hydrangea and green hypericum in a ceramic keepsake cube. The Thinking of You Bouquet is a garden delight with roses, orchids, and hydrangea in a keepsake vase. Joyous Sentiments is a unique arrangement from our Exclusives Collection. It has [...]

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Celebrate Spring Holidays with Tulips from Holland

With so many spring holidays in the month of March, it’s a great idea to decorate your home or even gift others with the beauty and color of tulips direct from our flower farm partners in Holland. This favorite spring flower works well with all the special days this month, including St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and International Day of Happiness. Of course, tulips also make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new additions and as a “just because.” Tulips are also a popular choice for spring weddings and events. Here are a few ways you can arrange tulips and add color and texture to your home, special event, or loved one’s life: Snow White Holland Tulips are bunched together with bright copper wiring and placed in a tall rectangular glass vase with a bed of black river rocks. Holland Tuscany Orange Tulips in Vase offers a fiery, warm display of bright orange in one bouquet. Dutch Farm Fresh Purple Tulips offers a deep purple color that is truly regal. Dutch Tulips and California Daisies offers spring tulips combined with pastel-hued gerbera daisies. Springtime Tulip Bouquet displays yellow tulips with full-bloom blue hydrangea. Sizzle is a hot [...]

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