Don’t Give Your Loved One Boxed Flowers on Valentine’s Day!

There are many reasons why it does not make sense to opt for those flower shops or online florists that deliver their bouquets and flower arrangements in boxes: The jaw-dropping presentation is lost when flowers are wrapped in a box and often damage the flowers. Boxed flowers are never as fresh because they are not placed in an environment that is conducive for keeping them look their best for as long as possible. You don’t really want your loved one arranging their own gift of flowers. They are not designers and probably don’t want to be either. Instead, you want your loved one to open their door or step out of their cubicle and see theme speechless at the extraordinary look of hand-arranged, hand delivered flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. The flowers look amazing and have been cut and arranged in a way that illustrates how artistic flower arrangements can be plus they are fresh and undamaged. That means they are sure to last as long as possible. Here are just a few of our Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that look just like the picture when they arrive at your loved one’s door. Orders are still being taken for this [...]

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Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers & Gifts Early to Surprise Your Loved One

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, there will be a mad dash to get on the delivery schedule not to mention to get a reservation for dinner. To ensure everything is perfect for that special someone, who says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? You could essentially make the entire week a celebration of love and start celebrating early. By delivering your Valentine’s Day flowers early in the week, not only will you surprise that loved one, but the rest of the office or neighborhood will be in awe – and maybe slightly jealous – of the early arrivals. This may, in fact, be a great idea to spread out a special gift – big or small – each day of the week, leading up to Valentine’s Day. Ideas for a week of love could include: A stunning Valentine’s Day bouquet or Valentine’s Day flower arrangement; A delicious gift basket of gourmet food to share on a picnic; A love note, stating what it is that you love about your special someone; A delicious homemade dinner or, if you are not a chef, some great takeout for a romantic dinner at home; and A day for [...]

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Make it a Grand Valentine’s Day with Grand Reserve Roses

All roses are beautiful but some rose varieties take their beauty to the next level with their size and number of petals, giving them an air of grandness that other roses just cannot touch. Take our Grand Reserve Roses, for example, which are 30 percent larger than other roses and help you supersize that message of love and romance this Valentine’s Day. These roses were also voted number one in the Atlanta area the past few years. And, you just can’t find these roses anywhere as they are sold exclusively by us at our Atlanta flower shops. That exclusivity also sends a special message to your loved one that you cared so much as to get them something so exclusive that it can only be found in one place! To illustrate their beauty and the ways in which our floral design team can hand arrange them for you, here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day grand reserve rose arrangements: Opt for traditional red roses in quantities of a dozen, two, dozen, or even more. It’s up to you! We do offer other rose colors as well if you would like to send a message of friendship with yellow roses [...]

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A Wide Array of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

From luxury flowers and exotic flowers to sweet bouquets and Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, this year’s Valentine’s Day collection has something for everyone in your life that you want to share your love with on this special day of the year. To help you get started on your Valentine’s Day shopping, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that super someone to fit every price range and style. There is an array of beautiful flower arrangements that are also already on sale! Luxury Valentine’s Day Let’s start with the over-the-top Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that are sure to delight and inspire more love from your loved one: ROMANTIC ROSES AND GARDEN HYDRANGEA Your show of love will overflow with this extraordinary Valentine’s Day flower arrangement that features 48 stems of our finest 24-inch premium long-stemmed roses in various shades of pink and red along with soft pink hydrangea. THE EXTRAORDINARY RED ROSE SPECTACULAR Extraordinary is the only way to describe that indulgent flower arrangement that features an English Rose Hedge Floral Design that includes our award-winning 'Grand Reserve' Red Roses. These roses have been paired with exotic cymbidium orchids to create a breathtaking effect. DAZZLING ORCHIDS This dazzling Valentine’s [...]

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Flowers are the World’s Favorite Gift for Valentine’s Day

While flowers may seem overdone as a gift for Valentine’s Day they really aren’t and remain a favorite all around the world. Flowers are timeless and always are treasured for their beauty and connection to nature. They are a great way to show love and affection for that special someone. At Carithers Flowers, we are preparing all of our Atlanta flower shops for this special day with even larger orders of flowers to ensure we have enough of each customer’s favorite type of flower for their Valentine’s Day gift giving. Here is a preview of some of our favorite Valentine’s Day flowers from this year’s Valentine’s Day collection. Valentine’s Day Roses Our Grand Reserve Roses have been featured in National Floral Trends Magazine and are 30% Larger with luxurious velvet petals that are sure to deliver your Valentine the best floral show possible. These roses come in a variety of colors and quantities to suit your loved one’s taste and your budget. Our Yellow SkyDance Roses are also spectacular and feature luxurious petal counts and longer vase-life. These roses are arranged in a glass vase and are accented by fresh greenery. Our Purple Perfection arrangement of roses is artfully designed [...]

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Last Chance to Order for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so this is your last chance to order fresh flowers or gifts from Carithers. We are still taking orders and will do so as long as we have flowers and gifts to do so. We just want to stress that it is a good idea to call, email, or come in now to place your Valentine’s Day order so you can take advantage of the variety and Valentine’s Day promotions now available for a limited time. Valentine’s Day Highlights If you are still deciding or not sure what your sweetheart will like, here are some highlights of what we have available for your consideration: Grand Reserve Roses – All colors and quantities, these roses are sold exclusively by us so your sweetheart will have something no one else has – unless, of course, they shopped with us! These beauties can be hand arranged into a bouquet all on their own with a touch of baby’s breath and greenery or they can be added to any of our extraordinary Valentine’s Day designs. Unique Offerings – We have exotic flower arrangements, including some stunning orchids, as well as an entire luxury collection to choose from for those [...]

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Stunning Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements Await Online and In-store

Whether you visit us online or in any of our Atlanta flower shops, you will be sure to find a stunning selection of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that fit your style and budget. Roses Galore Let’s start with some of the traditional favorites – our beautiful Grand Reserve Roses, which sold exclusively by us because we have a partnership with the flower farm that produces them. These roses are 30% larger than roses you would find elsewhere, and the size makes them a real standout whether you buy a half dozen, dozen, or multiple dozens. The other advantage with our Grand Reserve Roses is that they have a longer vase life, so your sweetheart can enjoy them that much longer. Color is not a problem either as we have them in multiple colors, including red, pink, hot pink, white, yellow and lavender just to name a few hue choices. Unique Flower Arrangements If your significant other is less traditional and you are expected to produce something decidedly different than others will get this holiday, we’ve also got you covered with some unique floral designs for Valentine’s Day, including those with exotic flowers or other favorites, such as tulips, lilies, and [...]

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Flowers: The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gift

The Society of American Florists verified that Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday of the year for florists across the country. Fresh flower purchases accounts for 36 percent of all Valentine’s Day purchases and 40 percent of the holiday dollar sales volume. Other interesting facts gathered by the Society of American Florists in 2013 was information about the types of flowers bought, who is buying, and for whom the flowers are being bought. Consumers are typically remaining pretty traditional when it comes to their Valentine’s Day flowers with 63 percent of them purchasing red roses, 41% mixed flowers, and 27% roses that are not red. Thirty percent selected a flower variety beside roses, such as tulips, lilies, etc. while 22 percent opted to give a plant. Of the 25 percent of adults that bought flowers for Valentine’s Day, 64 percent were men and 36 percent were women. More than half the recipients of these flower gifts for Valentine’s Day are spouses followed by mothers, significant others, friends, self, sister, other relatives and children. Carithers Hand Arranges and Delivers Flowers for Valentine’s Day This year, we are offering an extensive Valentine’s Day collection of flowers for you to choose from, [...]

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What Does Your Sweetheart Prefer for Valentine’s Day?

Some prefer flowers for Valentine’s Day while others want chocolates. Then, there are those that expect their loved ones to give them both. Whatever your sweetheart prefers for Valentine’s Day, know that you can count on Carithers Flowers to have you covered. Flowers… First, there is our Valentine’s Day flower collection, which includes our exclusive Grand Reserve Roses. These stunning roses are 30% larger than any other rose variety, and we are the only florist to sell them! Along with these beautiful roses, we have a wide selection of luxury flowers and exotic varieties to choose from this Valentine’s Day, such as orchids and birds of paradise as well as other tropical flowers. Our dazzling luxury Valentine’s Day collection features large flower arrangements as well as unique arrangements that are perfectly suited to that sweetheart who wants something decidedly different. To serve all budgets, our Valentine’s Day collection of flowers also features a number of smaller arrangements as well as numerous specials and promotions that provide a greater value for you! Chocolates… If you’re sweetheart likes sweets, then we’ve got quite a choice sure to satisfy that sweet tooth! Our chocolate selection includes a number of premium chocolate brands known [...]

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Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner! Order Our Winning Roses!

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to think about the next biggest celebration – Valentine’s Day. What better way to tell that special someone that you love them so much than to gift them with our Grand Reserve Roses? Our famous luxury roses are 30% larger than other luxury roses. They are grown exclusively for us by our rose farm partners. These are then hand-picked and arranged to enjoy for a much longer vase life than other roses. These are just some of the reasons our Grand Reserve roses have garnered awards and been features in National Florist Magazine. There’s no time like the present to place your order for these Grand Reserve roses for Valentine’s Day to ensure you get the color and number of roses you want to spoil that special someone.  While we have ordered even more roses than ever before, it is still a good idea to get your order in sooner than later! This year, our rose collection includes a wide range of colors, including traditional favorites like red and white as well as pink, lavender, yellow and even some custom rose colors. We are also offering a wide range of quantities [...]

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