Make this Fourth of July Unforgettable with an Arrangement from Carithers Flowers

Ahhh, summertime…. And the living is easy! The Fourth of July holiday conjures up images of picnics, parties, and barbecues – all decked out in a red, white, and blue theme. What better way to add a “bang” to your Fourth of July celebration than by displaying a festive floral arrangement from Carithers Flowers at your gathering? The floral designers at Carithers Flowers can help you choose the perfect floral arrangement to make your party, barbecue, or picnic feel that much more special. From a patriotic centerpiece to blooming party favors for guests, Carithers will surely meet your needs. Carithers Flowers offers a great selection of floral arrangements, complete with red, white, and blue flower varieties that add a patriotic flair to your festive occasion. The team at Carithers Flowers in Atlanta can also help you create a customized floral arrangement to match your aesthetic tastes and create one that is suitable for your special event. Here are some common flower varieties that fit into the red, white, and blue theme: Red: Tulips, lily, roses, carnations, freesia, gerbera, chrysanthemum White: Hydrangea, lily, carnations, orchids, asters, roses, snapdragons Blue: Iris, delphinium, hydrangea, violets Voted Best Atlanta Florist, Carithers Flowers offers same-day [...]

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Wedding Fever

With its ideal weather and lush, natural floral landscapes, it’s no wonder that June weddings seem to be so popular. Have you ever wondered why a June wedding never goes out of style? Where did this tradition come from? Just like the saying “all roads lead to Rome” proclaims, the tradition of a June wedding can also be traced as far back as Ancient Rome. According to Ancient Roman myth, “Juno” was the goddess of weddings, and so, getting married in June was deemed lucky for the bride and groom. A June wedding also meant that if the wife conceived (immediately after the marriage), she would give birth before the next harvest, and thus, be well enough to work the fields come harvest time. With time these reasons, however fabricated they may be, fade into the background and June comes to symbolize romance and new beginnings. There are also an abundance of flowers in season for a June wedding. From alstroemerias to belles of Ireland, calla lilies, daisies, hydrangeas, roses, snapdragons, and sunflowers, you’re sure to find the perfect flowers for your special day. If you’re planning a summer or fall wedding, Carithers Flowers in Atlanta offers more than just [...]

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Making the Most of Your Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are among America’s most favorite flowers. Though we often see their round, cloud-like blossoms nestled in gardens all over the southern states, in today’s floral market, hydrangeas are becoming increasingly popular as cut-flower arrangements, especially when used in wedding work. The luxuriously fluffy form and supple texture of hydrangea blooms makes them a preferred choice in elegant floral arrangements. The hydrangea comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Bigleaf Hydrangeas are the most recognized of this flower and have been the most popular type of hydrangea for growing in gardens and home landscapes. Bigleaf Hydrangeas are composed of dozens of tightly clustered tiny individual flowers that make up a large round flower head. They come in shades of pink, blue, purple, red and white. (And did you know that you can actually change the color of a hydrangea bloom depending on the pH levels and presence of aluminum in the soil?) Caring for cut hydrangeas is relatively easy, as long as you remember a few simple guidelines. Hydrangeas love water, but their thick stems can make for poor water absorption. Cut the hydrangeas stem every 2-3 days (under water is best) to ensure that the bottom [...]

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June is the Month for Roses

“I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” - Emma Goldman The birth flower for June is the rose. Some sources believe that birthday celebrations originated during the Roman Empire, and the origins of birth month flowers can be traced back to these times. During these birthday celebrations, family and friends offered gifts including gemstone jewelry, such as pearls, and flowers, such as roses. The rose is a complex flower with many meanings. Read on to find out about the history, symbolism, and little-known facts about one of the world’s most beloved flower. The History of the Rose The legend of the rose dates back to Greek mythology; it is believed that Aphrodite gave the rose its name. Ancient Greeks used roses to accessorize – on festive occasions they would adorn themselves with garlands of roses and splash themselves with rose-scented oils.  But the appreciation for the rose transcends all early civilizations. It is believed that Cleopatra’s palace was carpeted with delicate rose petals, and wise Confucius had a 600-book library on cultivating roses. Colors and Meanings Roses have a variety of meanings associated with their colors. Red roses symbolize passion and love while white roses convey meanings [...]

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