Caring for Cut Hydrangeas

Walk into any southern garden lately and you’re likely to see dozens of blooming hydrangeas – their round, fluffy blossoms creating cloud-like shapes nestled amongst a green leafy sky. Hydrangeas are one of America’s favorite flower and aren’t just popular in the garden – they are frequently used in wedding bouquets and as centerpieces, and, when cared for properly can be have a long vase life as fresh-cut flowers. The hydrangea comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. (Did you know that you can actually change the color of a hydrangea bloom depending on the pH levels and presence of aluminum in the soil? Caring for cut hydrangeas is fairly simple as long as you remember that hydrangeas love water. To help your hydrangeas last in a vase, cut the stem every 2-3 days (under water is best). You may also try piercing a few tiny holes in the stem with a sewing needle – this will allow the flower to absorb water at a faster rate and keep the blooms hydrated. Carithers Flowers offers many elegant floral arrangements featuring the beautiful hydrangea. When shopping for your next hydrangea plant, consider Carithers Flowers Blooming Hydrangea. This beautiful [...]

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Carithers Flowers Will Be Featuring Sunflowers Soon

  Carithers Flowers Atlanta’s Premier Florist 770-980-3000 Early Summer is the time when Sunflowers begin to blossom. Carithers Flowers will be featuring beautiful Sunflowers in our floral arrangements within the next few weeks. Our team of expert floral designers will be creating a wonderful array of beautiful Sunflower floral arrangements for you to choose from.  Take a look at the absolutely beautiful selection of Sunflower arrangements displayed below. These will give you some idea of what you can expect. Sunflowers arrangements from Carithers Flowers are guaranteed to deliver a smile to your special someone. May we be of service to you? Please give us a call and we will create the perfect arrangement for you.   We Offer Same Day Delivery!   Dazzling Summer Sunflower Floral Arrangements               […]

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