Sending Your Love and Prayers with Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest parts of life. Whether it is someone we know personally or you want to extend your love to someone who has lost a loved one, sending sympathy flowers or a funeral flower arrangement can let someone know that you are thinking of them in this darkest of hours. We have a wide range of floral arrangements that you can share with loved ones or for use at a funeral or gravesite as well as for a casket that shows your sympathy and love. Funeral Flowers In Atlanta, we have worked with all the Atlanta funeral homes and Atlanta cemeteries as well as many of the Atlanta churches and houses of worship, so we can deliver flowers for a funeral or memorial ceremony. We offer casket flowers, spray flowers, wreaths, funeral baskets, standing crosses and more for your funeral needs. Whether it is a military funeral or a funeral for a family member or friend, you can have flowers in any variety or color to add beauty and cheer even to the saddest of events. You can choose from our selection of funeral flowers or you can request something customized thanks to [...]

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April is National Garden Month

National Garden Month was created by the National Gardening Association, a Vermont-based national nonprofit leader in garden-based education that is using the month to show adults and children how to lead healthier lives, build stronger communities, and encourage environmental stewardship through educational garden programs. This month is about celebrating gardens of all kinds, including flower and food gardens in your background, in the community, and in the country. Be sure to also get your kids involved at home or encourage an event through their school to keep the idea of gardening alive through the younger generations. This is a great opportunity for you to help out around Atlanta as there will be local and community events planned throughout the month to show more people how easy it is to start their own gardens at home or as part of a community. As a local florist, we have been supporting National Garden Month for years, including offering many flowers, plants, and flowering plants in our Atlanta locations to buy and give as gifts or to start your own garden. For example, we have a number of flowering plants as well as dish and basket gardens that help you get your garden [...]

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It’s Time to Honor the Office Professionals Who Make the Office Work

Starting April 20th and running through April 26th, Administrative Professionals Week is deemed as a way to celebrate all those behind the scenes that really turn your organization into a well-oiled machine. They schedule meetings, arrange appointments, update calendars and handle the daily tasks that are vital to a business so you can focus on your core work. Whether they are in-house or you have a virtual assistant, this is the time to say thanks in a big way with daily activities or a main celebration on Wednesday, April 23rd, which is Administrative Professionals Day. We’ve put together some gift ideas that you can send or give to your one shining savior or your team of superheroes. Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals To help you find the perfect gift or gifts for this celebration, our online collection has nearly 50 products to choose from, including flowers, plants, and gifts. This collection offers a diverse range of flower varieties, arrangement styles, colors, types of plants, and gifts with something for every price range. Our flower designs feature a number of favorites like tulips, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, roses and orchids in an array of containers like glass cubes, vases, baskets and ceramic [...]

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It’s Prom Season! Time for Corsages and Boutonnieres!

It’s that time of year again for the big high school dance. With that comes picking out dresses, tuxes, and limos not to mention corsages and boutonnieres. This may be a first for many high school students in terms of picking out flowers to wear or to give to their prom dates. This blog post offers some prom flower advice while also showcasing some of our latest corsage and boutonnieres that reflect this season’s trends. Prom Flower Advice Many students and their parents want to know the basics about corsages and boutonnieres. For example, there are trends each year that change the look of a corsage. This includes the ongoing trend of “blinging” out a corsage with rhinestones, pearls, and jewels featured on our jewelry wristlet corsages. Every year, the fashion debate continues on whether the corsage should match the dress or not. The answer is that the corsage is not necessarily designed to match the dress but to actually compliment or accent the dress color, so it is actually best to choose a color that coordinates rather than matches. It is no longer the trend to have the guy order the corsage and the girl order the boutonniere. Now, [...]

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