International Day of Friendship

The United National General Assembly created the International Day of Friendship in 2011 as a means of developing friendship between people, countries, and cultures to promote peace and understanding. Each year, this day is celebrated on July 30th alongside Friendship Day. Besides diversity and understanding, it is a day to show appreciation for the friendships you have no matter where they may be in the world. Here in the United States, it means celebrating our friends nearby as well as those that we may only get to talk to online or by phone. Here are some great ideas for gifts for the International Day of Friendship to show your love: Epic Garden Joy is a unique floral arrangement that contains sunflowers, roses, and lilies in a sophisticated vase. Happy Day is full of brightly hued lilies, daisies, asters and roses. The Garden Favorites Bouquet has stargazer lilies, gerbera daisies, purple stock and garden roses hand arranged in a ginger glass vase. White Roses & Orchids has elegant white garden roses sitting within green cymbidium orchids for a stunning look. Nature’s Garden Basket has azalea flowers along with palms and ferns all within a woven handled basket. The Thank You Gift Basket [...]

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Brighten Your Personal Space with Fresh-Cut Flowers

Your home is a place to relax so you tend to decorate it in a way that helps you relax but that also defines you as a person. You surround yourself with things you like in the colors you like. This makes it feel more like home. While there are many ways to do this, including adding personal photos, art, curios and items from your travels, flowers also are quick, easy, and affordable way to brighten your personal space. You are bringing part of nature indoors with you, and there is nothing more beautiful than what nature offers in terms of flowers, the variety, and the color palette. We’ve rounded up some great ways to add flowers to your personal space. Know Your Flowers Before decorating with flowers, take some time to get to know what flowers are available, when they are in season, and how to take care of them. Whether you consult our flower dictionary or get a good flower encyclopedia from the library, this will help you get to know flowers and greenery so you can better decide how to incorporate them in your home. Match Your Style Your home definitely has its own style. Is it [...]

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Celebrating the Family During July with Special Days

Our closest family members are often the ones we think of the most but there may be those that we don’t see as often that are also special and add to our lives. Often, these other family members are farther away, so special days have been created as a way to let them know you are thinking of them. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to give them that extra gift throughout the year on top of their birthday so they know just how much you love them. Here are some special family days in July: Cousin’s Day is July 24th Aunt and Uncle Day is July 26th Father-in-Law Day is July 31st These special family members are often mentors and people you enjoy spending time with because they are family but don’t often the same relationship as your immediate family members. Sometimes, cousins feel like siblings or friends while an aunt or uncle is fun, helpful, or just supportive when you need it the most. Gifting Family Members on Special Days We have an extensive selection of gift ideas for these special days that fit all tastes and budgets. Here are some of our customer favorites: Bliss is a [...]

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Summertime is in Full Bloom

Now that July 4th is been and gone, it seems as though as summer is in full bloom with the temperatures heating up and brilliant sunshine every day. It’s time to plan road trips and summer celebrations. Whether you have a birthday or anniversary coming up or you are hosting a summer event or even getting married, look to Carithers Flowers for the freshest flowers possible. With our flowers and these tips, you can enjoy flowers in many ways throughout the summer season. Here’s how. Fresh Flowers Fresh flowers work as decorations nearly everywhere: Add to an entry hall or foyer to greet guests. Include centerpieces on tables throughout the house to add to the home décor. Brighten a bathroom or kitchen with smaller summer flower arrangements. Float the flowers in bowls as nice arrangements for a summer party or event. Use water picks, which slip onto the stem of the flower and place them around a house for a little color. Combine these flowers with other seasonal fruit to create an eye-catching centerpiece for a table or celebration. Dried Flowers While fresh flowers provide a wonderful fragrance, using dried flowers also adds a nice touch during the summer. Saves [...]

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