Indoor Flowering Plants and Container Gardens

Carithers Flowers Voted Best Florist In Atlanta We offer an easy way to bring the beauty of a garden indoors with flowering plants and container gardens available at our Atlanta flower shop and through our website. There are a number of benefits to these indoor gardens, including a wide range of colors and designs, long-lasting beauty, and easy maintenance. These indoor containers add warmth and comfort to every room in a house and offer a way to change up your décor. Here are just some of the beautiful options we have available that you can enjoy in your home or give as a special gift: The Blooming Hydrangea Garden contains seasonal flowering plants and ivy in a décor container. The European Garden has a combination of flowering seasonal plants and indoor green plants. Various baskets are available for this display. The Princess Pink Hydrangea Plant offers multiple blooms in a stunning pink color. The Sweet Bird Blooming Plant Garden is a very colorful display of flowering plants and green plants. The Premium Flowering Garden has greenhouse-grown blooming plants as well as green plants. It’s truly stunning! The Tabletop Plant Garden has numerous green plants along with a colorful blooming plant. [...]

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Memorial Day in Atlanta

Memorial is a three-day weekend for some to enjoy things like the Atlanta Jazz Festival or the Decatur Arts Festival. For others, however, it’s a time of remembrance and reflection on those heroes in our lives that we lost in battle and war, fighting for our freedom. Each year, a big Memorial Day event is the Salute to the Troops in Stone Mountain Park held over the weekend just before Memorial Day on Monday, May 30th. The theme park will offer admission, a seat for the salute, and a laser show with music and fireworks. Roswell has the largest Memorial Day event in Georgia. It features stories from veterans, salutes, and speeches. You may also have a personal memorial planned with a visit to a gravesite or you are planning on sending some flowers of remembrance to a friend who lost someone in a war or conflict. Whether you are planning for an event or sending a gift, consider our Atlanta flower shop the best place to pick up a flower arrangement, wreath, or bouquet. We have numerous patriotic-themed flower arrangements. For example, the American Patriot Sympathy Vase holds roses, carnations, lilies, greenery and more in a vase. Another beauty [...]

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Say it with Flowers: Using Color to Express Your Sentiment

Flowers have long been a great way to express yourself when words fail you. These natural symbols have become synonymous with different occasions or ways we want to tell others about how we feel. With those flowers, the power of color within those flowers furthers those sentiments. Red Red has always been associated with romantic love, desire, and seduction. This is because it’s the closest way to symbolize the heart and a great way to show your love to a special someone. Red roses, tulips, and carnations are often used. Orange Orange is the color of joy and happiness with the sense of warmth shining through. These are great for birthdays, celebrations, get-well sentiments and just-because moments. Orange tulips are always a great choice. Pink Pink represents innocence and playfulness with some sense of love as well as femininity. These are great for new additions to the family, birthdays, anniversaries and love. Some favorite pink flowers include carnations, roses, and chrysanthemums. Yellow Synonymous with friendship, yellow flowers also symbolize compassion, trust, and respect. They are often used for workplace and friendship occasions. Some favorite yellow flowers include tulips, roses, daffodils, lilacs and chrysanthemums. Green Green represents nature and also good [...]

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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th

We’ve been super busy this week between Teacher Appreciation Week and the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday on Sunday, May 8th. There’s still time to place your order this week plus available slots for delivery on Mother’s Day. We do also recommend considering an early delivery date, leading up to Mother’s Day. Ordering as soon as possible will help you get that preferred delivery date. Our Mother’s Day collection is available online as well as in our Atlanta flower shop so you can check out some of the gorgeous floral displays we have created for those special moms, stepmoms, and mother-in-laws. It includes a mix of spring and summer flowers, such as tulips, roses, hydrangea, lilies and more. And, within our Mother's Day roses are our exclusive Grand Reserve roses, a true favorite among Atlanta Moms. We have all types of colors and available quantities. Just imagine your mom's expression when you hand her a bouquet of over 100 roses. It's truly jaw-dropping! There is a range of styles – modern to traditional to garden and pave designs – in a wide array of bright and pastel hues to suit different preferences. The wide range of price points also means that [...]

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