Saturday, October 26th is Make a Difference Day in Atlanta, Georgia

This weekend, a special day called Make a Difference Day that is dedicated to giving back to the local Atlanta community through volunteer work and charitable contributions. Make a Difference Day was created as a national event intended to promote volunteer work and community assistance across the country. We’ve uncovered some local Atlanta Make a Difference Day events to help you get involved in Atlanta volunteer work. We are also committed to community involvement and charitable contributions, including our Helping Hands program described below. Make a Difference Day Events in Atlanta The Make a Difference Day organization has a page on their website dedicated to local Atlanta events for October 26th.  These volunteer events include Food Drive for Atlanta Community Food Bank, the ARK Project of building homes for those in need, AmeriCorps and VOX Homecoming Volunteers. Hands On Atlanta also has its own calendar of Make a Difference Day events with many opportunities to volunteer, including Urban Farmers and Habitat for Humanity just to name a few. Besides these local Atlanta events, you can also do your own volunteering by helping in your neighborhood or area of Atlanta by helping neighbors in need, organizing a neighborhood clean-up effort, or [...]

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Carithers Flowers hosts a Holiday Centerpiece Design Class for the WellStar Foundation of Atlanta

[youtube=] The WellStar Medical Facility in Marietta was busier than Santa’s workshop when Carithers Flowers recently hosted a floral design seminar for board members of the Atlanta WellStar Foundation. Participants flitted about the classroom like busy little elves on Christmas Eve creating an assortment of beautiful holiday floral centerpieces. Carithers floral designers worked with participants to help them learn the elements and principles of flower arranging while working with a bountiful array of fresh flowers, foliage, evergreens, fruit, and candles to create elegant and artfully designed holiday centerpieces. Members of the class were also provided helpful tips on how to keep their arrangements fresh throughout the holiday season. Check out some of the gorgeous holiday centerpieces created by WellStar board members on YouTube. Carithers Flowers partners with the WellStar Foundation & Hospice as part of its Helping Hands charity program. As the area’s leading and largest not-for-profit healthcare provider, WellStar – through the WellStar Foundation – relies on financial support from businesses in the community, such as Carithers Flowers, to improve and expand its services.   What is WellStar? WellStar Health System of Atlanta is committed to creating and delivering high quality hospital, physician and other healthcare related services that improve [...]

Atlanta Florist Carithers Flowers Provides Charity Support For Good Mews Animal Hospital

Carithers Flowers Delivers "Helping Hands" Along With Flowers Carithers Flowers of Atlanta has created a wonderful program that we call "Helping Hands." This program is designed to generate financial support for charity organizations located throughout the Atlanta and Atlanta metropolitan area. Thus far, 6 organizations have taken advantage of the chance to sign up (For Free) for this wonderful program. The organizations currently participating include: Good Mews Animal Foundation, Susan G. Koman for Cancer, United Way, Serving Haiti, Wellstar Foundation & Hospice and High Meadows School and Camp. Charles Carithers, Owner and President of Carithers Flowers is absolutely committed to giving back to the community. Each year, Carithers makes record charitable contributions in excess $100,000 in products, services, and monies to local and national non-profits. Through the Helping Hands program, Carithers Flowers charitable partnership with Good Mews Animal Foundation in the Metro Atlanta area assists the organization in its mission to promote public awareness regarding the value of pets, animal welfare, pet overpopulation, and quality human-animal companionship through education and outreach programs. With each Carithers Flowers order, customers can make a $2.00 donation to the Good Mews Animal Foundation. Good Mews offers an alternative to traditional animal shelters in the Metro Atlanta [...]

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