How to Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

Getting fresh cut flowers as a bouquet or flower arrangement is a wonderful gift whether it comes from a loved one or you just treat yourself. It’s something you want to last as long as possible. While we use only the freshest flowers at Carithers, there are still steps that you can take to make those flowers last as long as possible. Here are our tips for enjoying them for many days to come. Water First If they have not arrived in water through our hand delivery service or you bought loose flowers from us, the first thing you should is get the flowers in water. The stems are their life support system, so as soon as you can get water flowing through them, the better. Check Water Temperature Don’t put the fresh cut flowers in cold water. Preferably, it should be room temperature or warm. The container where the flowers will be arranged should be a third to a half full. If the water is higher and comes into contact with the foliage, this foliage will rot after constant contact with the water so the water line should be below that. Give the Flowers a Little Space Don’t crowd [...]

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