Celebrate your friends with a Carithers Flowers bouquet on International Friendship Day

Originating in the United States 75 years ago to honor the special meaning of friendship, International Friendship Day (August 1, 2010) has slowly spread to several countries around the globe. The International Friendship Day celebration takes place on the first Sunday of August every year. The Friendship Day holiday is unique in that it is marked by an almost concerted lack of commercial organization. Rather than rely upon prefabricated greeting cards and notions, the very concept of this holiday is based upon making the effort to express the importance of friendship in a meaningful way. Friends are present in a variety of contexts ranging from work colleagues, siblings, partners, aunts, uncles, and neighbors. You can show your appreciation for your friends in many ways, but the abundant varieties of friendship flowers and gift baskets available from Carithers Flowers will surely bring a smile to your recipients face. Flowers and their many varieties and colors have almost always been associated with friendship. There are several blooms to choose from that convey the many forms of friendship. Listed below are some of the most popular varieties to choose from and their various meanings: Yellow Rose: “Friendship, joy, and delight” Iris: “Meaningful friendship” [...]

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