National Gardening Exercise Day and Best Friends Day

There are many special occasion days in June to celebrate. The first two to plan for this month are National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th and Best Friends Day on June 8th. These June days are a great excuse to get flowers, plants, and/or blooming plants for yourself or.anyone special in your life. At our Atlanta flower shop and Atlanta garden center as well as on our website, we have a lot of great, affordable options to celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day and Best Friends Day. These include a wide array of seasonal favorites. Here are some ideas that you can order in our Atlanta flower shop, by phone, or through our online ordering form for local Atlanta pick up or delivery as well as national delivery: FLORAL EMBRACE This artistic floral design includes sunflowers, stock, garden roses, and lilies presented in a glass vase. BLUSHING REWARDS This delicate floral display of feminine flowers offers fuchsia roses, pale pink spray roses, and pastel pink hydrangea accented with floral greenery in a clear glass vase. BUTTERFLY GARDEN BOUQUET This charming floral bouquet contains lilies, sunflowers, delphinium, and other seasonal flowers in our a leaf-wrapped vase. SUNSHINE CUBE This bright and [...]

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Celebrating Special Days in June

June has many special occasions that are already most likely on your appointment calendar like Father’s Day. However, there are other special days in the month that you may not know about but would like to celebrate. National Gardening Exercise Day First, there is National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th. This day is dedicated to increasing awareness about the health benefits of gardening. It’s a perfect opportunity to see about getting involved in a local community garden in your area of Atlanta or starting your own. Even if you can’t get directly involved in some type of gardening activity, you can celebrate the special day with some summer flowers that have just arrived in our Atlanta flower shop. Here are some special garden delights for this special day: Extraordinary Red Rose Spectacular contains 48 Ecuadorian red roses along with cymbidium orchids arranged in a birch-lined cube. It stands over two feet tall! Elegant Nature’s Harmony Bouquet features a leaf-lined vase and dangling foliage that showcases white hydrangea, green roses and carnations, red hypericum, sword fern, eucalyptus, blupleurum and amaranthus. Garden Veranda features a Southern style garden floral design with fresh-cut hydrangea, skyline and coral roses, stargazer lilies, lisianthus, field [...]

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National Gardening Exercise Day is June 6th

Each year, National Gardening Exercise Day is celebrated on June 6th throughout the United States. It is a great way to get the word out about how gardening provides numerous benefits, including helping care for our planet, providing a relaxing and satisfying hobby, and getting exercise. Yes, gardening does provide exercise and here’s how: There is a lot of bending and up and down movement that looks – and feels – a lot like squats. The movement involved in digging, planting, pulling weeds, and cutting also involves various muscles that are moving and stretching. Depending on how large your garden is you may also have fruit trees or other opportunities that involve climbing ladders, so you have an outdoor “stairmaster” machine. Even if you don’t have your own garden or space for creating one, you can participate in local Atlanta gardening clubs or community gardens to get the most out of this great form of exercise. It is a good way to exercise for people of all ages! Helping Your Garden Grow Our Atlanta flower shops offer many ways to help your garden grow. For example, we have many green plants and blooming plants that you can transplant into your [...]

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National Gardening Exercise Day is June 6th

Each year, National Gardening Exercise Day is celebrated on June 6th by gardeners all over the country. This is a great time to get out in the fresh air, burn some calories, and nurture the beauty of nature. It’s not clear who created this special day, but we are pretty sure it was a business or organization dedicated to gardening. There are a number of ways to incorporate exercise into gardening routine. Before you get started, you should warm up your muscles for a few minutes no matter what your age to help minimize any strain on your muscles or joints. This can involve some stretching of your legs and arms. Gardening uses a variety of motions within normal activities with raking, mowing, weeding, digging, pruning and moving plants and flowers around. You will find yourself bending down on one leg or both legs, knelling, squatting, lunging and walking. Perhaps you will even work in some climbing, depending on your garden and what you are doing. It is important to remember to go at your own pace and enjoy what you are doing. Also keep in mind not to bend using your back muscle but do it from your knees. [...]

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