Commemorate Our Fallen with Flowers on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th. Throughout the upcoming weekend and on Memorial Day, there will be numerous public displays that illustrate just how much those here in Atlanta value those we have lost in all the wars, conflicts, and battles that were fought to maintain our freedoms and secure our country. Whether it is for a Memorial Day parade or other Atlanta-area event or it's for a private graveside service or family gathering, we can provide you with patriotic flowers that show your respect and reverence for the courageous soldiers we have lost. Here are some examples: AMERICAN PATRIOT SYMPATHY VASE This vase is filled with roses, delphinium, carnations, white lilies and asters, chrysanthemums, and floral greenery in red, white, and blue along with a patriotic bow. AMERICAN PATRIOT STANDING SPRAY The Sympathy Standing Spray includes roses, football mums, gladiolas, delphiniums, carnations and more as part of a patriotic design. AMERICAN PATRIOT SYMPATHY WREATH This wreath combines red roses, white mums, blue delphinium and more, creating a loving tribute. PATRIOTIC - RED WHITE & BLUE WREATH This wreath has red, white and blue flowers. It features a solid white wreath on an easel decorated with red carnations and blue [...]

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Memorial Day in Atlanta

Memorial Day is Monday, May 29th but typically the entire weekend leading up to it includes many events geared toward remembering and recognizing all those we have lost in wars and conflicts that so bravely fought for our freedom. There are numerous events in the Atlanta area for Memorial Day, including a parade and many graveside services. You may also be doing your own remembrance day event at a graveside at a fallen loved one. It’s a time to remember these loved ones with fondness and share memories about their lives. We have many patriotic flower arrangements and wreaths that are a respectful way to honor those on Memorial Day: • Sincere Sympathy Basket includes mini carnations, red roses, gladioli and more in a choice of three sizes. • The American Patriot Standing Spray includes football mums, gladioli, delphiniums, roses and carnations in patriotic colors. • The Light in Your Honor is an array of white flowers that are a respectful and elegant way to remember the loss of loved ones over Memorial Day. • The American Patriot Sympathy Basket offers a patriotic mix of colors and flowers like mums, carnations, and gladioli along with accent flowers and greenery. • [...]

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Memorial Day in Atlanta

Memorial is a three-day weekend for some to enjoy things like the Atlanta Jazz Festival or the Decatur Arts Festival. For others, however, it’s a time of remembrance and reflection on those heroes in our lives that we lost in battle and war, fighting for our freedom. Each year, a big Memorial Day event is the Salute to the Troops in Stone Mountain Park held over the weekend just before Memorial Day on Monday, May 30th. The theme park will offer admission, a seat for the salute, and a laser show with music and fireworks. Roswell has the largest Memorial Day event in Georgia. It features stories from veterans, salutes, and speeches. You may also have a personal memorial planned with a visit to a gravesite or you are planning on sending some flowers of remembrance to a friend who lost someone in a war or conflict. Whether you are planning for an event or sending a gift, consider our Atlanta flower shop the best place to pick up a flower arrangement, wreath, or bouquet. We have numerous patriotic-themed flower arrangements. For example, the American Patriot Sympathy Vase holds roses, carnations, lilies, greenery and more in a vase. Another beauty [...]

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Happy Memorial Day from Carithers Flowers

As the long Memorial Day weekend begins, it’s time to recognize all of those that we have lost in wars and battles around the world in which they fought incredibly hard to keep our freedom. We owe those fallen soldiers so much and this is the time to reflect on what being a soldier really means, including the sacrifices that they have made for us and for those that they left behind. Although Memorial Day, which is this upcoming Monday, may have its solemn moments, there are also many reason to celebrate and join together as a community to focus on our patriotic spirit. Helping you focus on the Red, White, and Blue, we are here with decorative ideas for block parties, barbecues, special events, parades and Memorial Day ceremonies. Here are some ideas to celebrate our patriotism this Memorial Day: American Patriot Sympathy Vase contains a patriotic array of white lilies, red carnations, roses, and more within a sympathy vase. Red Hot features a range of red flowers, including antique hydrangea, roses, spray roses, gerbera, hypericum and more. Sizzle is another red flower arrangement in a cube vase that offers an imaginative design that is perfect as a centerpiece. [...]

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Memorial Day is May 26th

Also known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of every May. It is a time to memorialize and pay tribute to all the fallen men and women who have died serving our country while in the military. Atlanta Memorial Day Celebrations Beyond specific military events and parades that salute the troops and remember the fallen, there are also numerous events in the Atlanta that are geared toward family fun over the three-day weekend that typically announces the kick-off to summer. Some Memorial Day events in the Atlanta area include the Atlanta Jazz Festival, the Decatur Arts Festival, and the Run Walk and Blue 1K and 5K. Of course, Atlanta also has many parks that are perfect for enjoying the three-day weekend, including barbecues. There are also many block parties and picnics this time of year, which is a great opportunity to enjoy friends and family. Flowers for Memorial Day Flowers are a great idea for Memorial Day, including flower arrangements, bouquets, or wreathes for the graves of soldiers at local Atlanta cemeteries. Flowers can also be used for Memorial Day floats in parades, wreathes placed at local government buildings, and [...]

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Remember the Fallen with a Memorial Day Floral Arrangement

Memorial Day unofficially marks the start of summer and while most will be celebrating the onset of the season with cookouts and pool parties, some families honor the holiday by placing flowers at the gravesites of family members who have passed or by paying respect to our nation’s fallen war heroes with a patriotic floral arrangement. What is Memorial Day? The “Memorial Day” holiday was originally intended to honor the war dead, but today has been adapted to include remembrance of any and all deceased, not just those who have died while service their country. Memorial Day Flowers Decorating gravesites and gravestones with flowering plants, wreaths, and floral arrangements on Memorial Day is a tradition of the holiday. Carithers Flowers of Atlanta offers many floral arrangements, sprays, and wreaths to adorn your loved one’s eternal resting place. The award-winning staff at Carithers Flowers can also customize a special arrangement in remembrance of your lost loved ones. This Memorial Day, in addition to honoring family members and friends, take the time to pay your respects to our nation’s fallen heroes by placing a special floral arrangement or wreath on the gravesites of these brave men and women. Consider these patriotic floral [...]

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