April is National Garden Month

National Garden Month was created by the National Gardening Association, a Vermont-based national nonprofit leader in garden-based education that is using the month to show adults and children how to lead healthier lives, build stronger communities, and encourage environmental stewardship through educational garden programs. This month is about celebrating gardens of all kinds, including flower and food gardens in your background, in the community, and in the country. Be sure to also get your kids involved at home or encourage an event through their school to keep the idea of gardening alive through the younger generations. This is a great opportunity for you to help out around Atlanta as there will be local and community events planned throughout the month to show more people how easy it is to start their own gardens at home or as part of a community. As a local florist, we have been supporting National Garden Month for years, including offering many flowers, plants, and flowering plants in our Atlanta locations to buy and give as gifts or to start your own garden. For example, we have a number of flowering plants as well as dish and basket gardens that help you get your garden [...]

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