Shower your Sweetie with Gifts and Flowers from Carithers Flowers

  You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show your sweetie how much you care. October 16 is National Sweetest Day. First observed in 1922 by Cleveland, Ohio based candy employee and philanthropist, Herbert Birch Kingston, Sweetest Day was started as a way do something nice to those less fortunate than ourselves. Originally called “The Sweetest Day of the Year,” National Sweetest Day became popular during the Great Depression and has since evolved into a romantic holiday. It is celebrated on the third Saturday in October. Still largely popular in Ohio, the concept and celebration of Sweetest Day is quickly spreading throughout the country. Show your sweetie you care this Saturday with a bouquet of flowers or a gift basket from Carithers Flowers. The Metro Atlanta based florist has an abundant variety of floral arrangements to convey your affections for that special someone in your life. Flowers and their many varieties and colors are often associated with love. Listed below are some of the most popular varieties to choose from and their various meanings: Red Rose: “Love, longing and passion” White Jasmine: “Love and caring” Carnation: “Simple love” Ambrosia “Mutual love and adoration” Orange Blossom: “Endless Fondness”   [...]

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