Send the Best Roses in the World This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is now only a few days away. However, there is still time to wrap up something beautiful to gift your sweetheart with this Wednesday, February 14th. We are proud to say we have the best roses in the world. Our Grand Reserve Roses are 30% larger than any other rose, offering a longer time period in which to enjoy their beauty. These roses have been featured in the National Floral Trends Magazine and on WSB radio. Hurry because our roses are selling quickly and we always sell out each year for Valentine's Day. If you order and place a Monday delivery, we'll give you a coupon code for $10 off your Valentine's Day floral order. We have a wide array of colors to choose from, including traditional red roses as well as pink, hot pink, white, yellow, orange, lavender and more! This is another reason to get your flower order in now for Valentine's Day so you get the color or colors you want! Our Grand Reserve Roses can also combined with other premium flowers like hydrangea, lilies, orchids and more. We either have Valentine's Day flower arrangements already ready to go for your sweetheart here in Atlanta [...]

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Make it Valentine’s Day All Week

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday. While some people may choose to just toast their sweetheart on February 14th, you can also look at it as a way to turn Valentine's Day into an entire week of celebrations. One of the best reasons to turn the entire week into Valentine's Day is because you can surprise and delight your sweetheart with special gifts each day. Plus, by delivering flowers on Monday instead of Wednesday, your loved one has even more days to enjoy them. There are many more options for delivery times. That way, you can have them delivered to your sweetheart's workplace early so they will be the talk of the office. Don't forget that you can come into our Atlanta flower shop and place your order or make an appointment with our floral design team to do a custom Valentine's Day flower arrangement or custom Valentine's Day bouquet. Of course, you can also place your local or national Valentine's Day flower order by phone or through our website. If you are sticking to a certain budget, you can be assured that we will have something special among our Valentine's Day collection that will fit your price [...]

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Make Valentine’s Day Memorable with Grand Reserve Roses

Roses are a traditional gift for Valentine's Day. They beautifully represent the love and deep feelings you share for your significant other. There's no better gift to give your loved one this February 14th except if you give them our exclusive Grand Reserve Roses. They are 30% larger than any other rose out there. Plus, they are guaranteed to last much longer than any other type of rose. There's still time to place your order in our Atlanta flower shop, call us, or order online through our website. This is the most popular time of year for these roses, so we highly recommend you place your order today! We offer the Grand Reserve Roses for Valentine's Day in a wide array of colors, including red, pink, lavender, yellow, white and more. You will be able to get one color as well as mix and match the colors. Plus, you can get any quantity you want that fits your plans and budget. If you want to mix it up for Valentine's Day, you can also combine our Grand Reserve Roses with other flowers and greenery accents. For example, you can add orchids, hydrangea, lilies, carnations, or any other type of flower [...]

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Valentine’s Day is Coming!

With Valentine's Day less than a month away, we are already inundated with flower and gift orders for here in Atlanta and across the country. We love it and enjoy making these beautiful arrangements, knowing that one person is giving them as an expression of their love for someone else. It's great to be a part of that. This year, we have even more Valentine's Day flower designs to share with you like these beauties: GRAND ROMANCE This romantic flower arrangement offers red roses, garden hydrangea, and phalaenopsis orchid spray in a keepsake modern decor glass. THREE DOZEN ECUADORIAN MOUNTAIN ROSES Share our "Grand Reserve" roses with someone special. These exclusive roses offer blooms that are 30% larger and some of the longest vase life in the industry. LOVE STORY As part of the Carithers Exclusive Collection, this romantic bouquet has numerous premium flowers in shades of cabernet, purple, and lavender within a leaf-wrapped cylinder vase. "ENGLISH HEDGE" RED ROSES This is one of our unique floral designs. It offers "English Hedge" rose presentation made from our 'Grand Reserve' roses. Your sweetheart will love this special presentation. PINK PERFECTION Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about red flowers. Pink [...]

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Deliver Your Gifts of Love Early for Valentine’s Day!

Since Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday this year (February 14th), consider delivering your flowers and gifts on Monday as a special surprise and way to extend the celebration of love that defines this holiday! We are happy to deliver throughout the Atlanta area as well as across the country on an earlier date. We have great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your spouse or significant other, family and friends, colleagues and clients, and even the kiddos! If you are still shopping for Valentine’s Day, here are some great ideas available at our Atlanta flower shops as well as online through our website: • P.S. I Love You offers 18 red roses and 20 pink tulips for a stunning display of nature’s two most popular varieties of flowers. • Head Over Heels includes stock, hydrangea, roses and spray roses, tulips, gerbera daisies and seasonal accents in a lily grass lined vase. The floral design style is European bloom on bloom for a truly unique look. • Stunning Pink Peonies & Garden Hydrangea offers pink peonies and full-bloom white hydrangea. • Fairytale Fragrance includes lilies, roses, and eucalyptus in a wire-wrapped decorative vase. • Standing at over two feet tall, Exotic Red [...]

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Time to Order for Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again to focus on that special someone and spoil them silly to express just how much they mean to you. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, so we’ve discovered that many of our customers have decided to order for a Monday delivery in order to extend the gift-giving portion of this celebration of love. Whether you visit our Atlanta flower shop, call us, or go online, you can enjoy an expansive collection of flowers and gifts for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the highlights that show you the range of prices and styles that are available to suit everyone: • Red Hot Romance includes a range of red flowers like antique hydrangea, spray roses, roses, gerbera daisies, hypericum and more. • You’re All That is a garden style design with hydrangea, gerbera daisies, and roses in a glass vase. • Dazzling Orchids offers roses, full-bloom hydrangea, cymbidium orchids and exotic leaves for a truly stunning floral display. • The True Love Bouquet showcases shades of red, purple, and lavender, including roses, lisianthus, hydrangea, and garden flowers all hand arranged in a European cube. • The Pink Sensation Bouquet has pink roses, lisianthus, [...]

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Celebrate Your Love on Valentine’s Day with Our Grand Reserve Roses

Roses top of the list of favorite Valentine’s Day gifts every year. That’s because they have become synonymous with love and beauty. Roses are a wonderful symbol and expression of love. Why not show how big that love is by giving that special someone our Grand Reserve roses, which are 30% larger than any other rose and have an extraordinary amount of petals that even last longer than others? We are proud to offer these exclusive roses to our customers throughout the Atlanta area. And, these roses happened to have been voted the best roses among all those offered throughout the flower shops and stores here. Here are some stunning examples of our Grand Reserve roses from our Valentine’s Day collection, which are currently on sale and come in a wide range of colors and quantities: • Red is one classic rose color that represents love and makes an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day. These Grand Reserve roses come from the Ecuadorian mountains and offer an extraordinary way to say, “I love you.” • Carnival Mix Roses offers a carnival color assortment of our luxury roses. You can choose from 18, 24, or 36 roses for this flower arrangement. • [...]

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Beautiful Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

With just a few weeks to go, one of our biggest holidays of the year is nearly here. For florists like us, we become inundated with orders for Valentine’s Day roses, flower arrangements, bouquets, and special gifts, and we love it! That’s because we know we are creating gifts that are all about love, and it’s special to be a part of that magic. This year, we have even more beautiful gifts available for Valentine’s Day in our Atlanta flower shops and through our website. Check out these gorgeous ways to say, “I Love You”: • The Love Story Bouquet includes our premium Ecuadorian roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, gerbera daisies and garden hydrangea in a leaf-wrapped cylinder vase. • Wild at Heart delivers 48 long-stem roses that will absolutely stun your recipient. These roses are hand arranged in a leaf-wrapped vase. • The Grand Romantic features red Ecuadorian roses, a phalaenopsis orchid spray, and garden hydrangea in a keepsake glass vase. • It’s not just red roses that you can send your loved one on Valentine’s Day. These Hot Pink Roses are one of our favorites. They’ve also been featured in Floral Trends National Magazine for their luxurious petal counts and [...]

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It’s Not Too Late to Order for Valentine’s Day!

We realize that our customers are busy and often have no choice but to wait until the last minute to get gifts for special occasions for Valentine’s Day. That’s why we are here to help and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to ensure your special someone doesn’t miss out on something that shows your love. We will be delivering on Valentine’s Day even though it falls on a Sunday this year and are taking same-day delivery orders for flower arrangements and bouquets. To help you figure out what is available for Valentine’s Day, here are some of the most requested Valentine’s Day flower arrangements this year: Rhapsody Showcase offers roses, hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, miniature calla lilies and many more varieties in a truly unique garden-style design that makes for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift. True Love offers Ecuadorian roses in shades of pink and red with lush greenery in a clear glass vase. Red Roses and Stargazer Lilies offers two favorite floral varieties that include the fragrant scent of lilies and the stunning beauty of long-stemmed roses. Blushing Rewards brings together hydrangea and roses in various hues of pink along with greenery in a modern glass [...]

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Valentine’s Day Comes Early This Year

Did you know that more than 50% of Valentine’s Day flowers will be delivered early this year? That’s because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year so many people have planned to get their gifts to loved ones during the workweek or just before the special weekend. We’ve sent out quite a few early Valentine’s Day flower arrangements and Valentine’s Day bouquets this year but will still also be delivering on Sunday, February 14th throughout Atlanta and the country. Even better is the fact that almost our entire Valentine’s Day collection is now on sale to provide you with the best quality and best value you could get for this special holiday. This even includes our special Grand Reserve roses, which are exclusive to our Atlanta flower shops. One of the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day is to go with one of our special custom Valentine’s Day arrangements, using any one of our Designer Choice styles. This way, you have a say in the color, flower variety, and design style but leave the creative flair to our floral design team. As a result, your sweetheart gets a custom flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day that no one else will [...]

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